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We had Sydney seen at the vet's office last night...the news was not good. She classified his condition as severe. 😞 My husband came home devastated and I hate to see him like that. I had expected that was going to be her diagnosis, but to be honest, once I heard it and it sunk in, I definitely wasn't ready to deal with it. We spent most of the evening off and on in tears. We are going to give him the meds for a little bit, but no one is expecting any improvements, but at least we can say we tried. Our plan is to give our boy all of his favorites over the next several weeks and just love him to pieces as best we can. Thank you all for your opinions and support, they are greatly appreciated!

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We are going to talk to vet soon, we are just questioning, even with meds, how much quality of life he has right now. Even when he no longer steady on his feet at all because of how long he's been up wandering the house, he will jump to his feet on the couch and want down, just to wander some more. It's just making us sad to watch him. Most of the things he used to do and love he's not doing anymore. 😞

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Anyone here dealing/dealt with elderly basenji having cognitive dysfunction? We are quite sure that our 15 1/2 year old guy is dealing with it now and has been for a little while. We don't know what to do for him, or if we should make the decision to be merciful. He just constantly roams around the house, even when he can barely stand anymore...HELP!

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