Do you think part basenji?

I would definitely say that he has Basenji in him. We have a Basenji mix and without a doubt, he's the smartest, stubbornest and most loving dog we have ever had. He is three years old now, and when he was a puppy, my wife and I would joke about returning him for warranty work.
Your puppy is adorable and I'm sure you will love and enjoy him, as much as we do ours.

Basenji mix, the ears are too floppy for pure basenji. The stance, nails, tail all look very basenji. Congratulations lol you have yourself a real handful!

Whatever he is, he has such an appealing wee face, I can quite understand why you couldn't resist him ! Who could ? An enchanting looking young man.

@dagodingo It's normal for the ears of pups to be floppy. My Basenji mix was the same. In fact one ear came straight earlier than the other and it looked so cute. Now they are both up.

@bumblebpete My three always had the ears straight, but that was from 8-10 weeks old. It’s possible then that he is full basenji.

@dagodingo I don't think "full basenji" is likely here.
a) a backyard breeder cringe is not going to give purebred pups to a neighbor to try to find homes for them,
b) a responsible breeder is not going to give purebred pups to a neighbor to try to find homes for them,
c) even rescue groups have better ways to find pups new homes.
It just doesn't make sense.

@jlrice1986 As adorbs as this little man is, (IMHO) he is mixed with "something". Maybe Basenji/Chihuahua? He is awfully cute though.

@elbrant It’s unlikely, given that usually people post and you can say for sure a mix. However it is possible. Could be a byb sold to someone and it didn’t work out.

I definitely think mixed with chihuahua whatever her is whether basenji or Jack like they originally said

Oh my gosh, whatever he is, he is a charmer! Congratulations on this handsome part Basenji (read as part devil) he will give you years of love, laughter, and teach you patience!!!!!

What ever he is he is totally darling.

@dagodingo said in Do you think part basenji?:

Could be a byb sold to someone and it didn’t work out.

Think it through... if you paid for a puppy and it didn't work out -- would you walk around trying to give the puppy away? Or, try to get your money back? Or, try to find someone to buy the puppy so you could, at least, recoup the money invested?

@elbrant I have seen it happen. Plus, some people are literally desperate to get rid of the dog if they have problems. Not everyone loves dogs as we do.

My breeder told me that she volunteered at an animal shelter and once had a guy return a dog after a few weeks. He said he didn’t realize it would poop so much and he didn’t want to deal with it. The mentality of some people is beyond me.

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