• Hello, just joined yesterday to get some thoughts on my new boy, Flynn. He’s 27 pounds at almost 6 months, so I know larger than a basenji. He does display some typical behaviors though. I’ve enjoyed reading about and looking at your beautiful dogs!![alt text](2_1559642419555_E5509F8D-73A9-4D59-AC56-A8BFB718BB6D.jpeg 1_1559642419555_7D689C3C-E7D8-4F04-B4FE-771B636F3202.jpeg 0_1559642419554_682FC816-FE44-419E-98B5-AC1696333E57.jpeg image url)

  • Many basenjis are closer to 30 pounds, so that isn't the issue. Doing a dna test may answer some ancestry questions. Whatever he is, he is darling.

  • Thank you for your response. Flynn answered a tall order. He gets along with my Odin (Anatolian Shepherd mix), neighbor’s dog and kids. Honestly, we adore him and it wouldn’t matter what breed he was since his disposition is a perfect match. I appreciate your comment.

  • @debradownsouth said in Hello from Flynn:

    Many basenjis are closer to 30 pounds

    That is 'way too big ! Standard calls for a much smaller weight.

    He's a lovely young man anyway - and you'll enjoy the challenge -

  • Many basenjis are closer to 30 pounds

    That is 'way too big ! Standard calls for a much smaller weight.

    Way over standard, a reality with many rescues and byb. In fact my champion bitch was 25 pounds when she finished and she was not the biggest gal in the ring.

  • I agree with Zande, I have rarely found Basenji at 30lbs that were not overweight.

  • I had dreams of a petite 18 pounder. Sayblee was 25, not fat. At the nationals in NC, Erin handled her. I was amazed and a bit distressed at the number of bitches and dogs who were quite a bit bigger. I didn't rudely ask their weights, lol, and some were definitely overweight. But as you can see, Sayblee was not. (It's been almost 11 years since I lost her to lymphoma. I have given up on wondering when I'll stop grieving for her.)0_1559916066895_bobPA1.jpg

    With Erin
    0_1559916099390_ERIN2.JPG 0_1559916140561_bosmay02a.jpg

    Let me add I am NOT a fan of them getting bigger and hope my experiences have been unusual. My comment to the OP was simply that being 30 pounds doesn't mean it cant be a basenji.

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