Advice please if a Basenji might be a good match.

I Love Chows!) Pei are not that hard when you know how to deal with their specific health issues. They are awesome and very protective of the kids.
In the last few days I am really considering getting some kind of Shepherd or Rotweiller.. it’s getting crazy here .. The bears mainly. I have videos.. not sure how to download them.. the bear showed up and Fozz, the Border Collie did her best to scare him away, as soon as he figured it out that there’s the fence, he came back. My husband had to jump into his truck and I thought it would scare him away.. year right.. he literally had to drive his truck into the woods to chase him away.. took 3 attempts
Next day I was at my daughter’s drama play at school the same bear climed over the fence and was going after a duck that was trying to hide on the porch underneath the table. Fozz and my husband scared him away but this time he didn’t came alone.. came with his mom.. twice the size, she didn’t do anything but was watching.. I was on the phone this morning and the darn thing the bear came back again.. I let Fozz out usually u tell her that there’s a bad bear and she would at least bark.. nope.. was just standing next to the fence staring at the bear... for some reason he just walked away.. because there was nothing in the trash bin for him to eat, I guess.

No dog is going to stop a bear, and attempts often end up with mangled or dead dogs. Some bears will run from ANY size of a dog barking, but they can quickly lose fear. I don't know where you live, but that bear and mom are a danger and some places will have wildlife authorities capture and relocate or euthanized. Sending a dog out to possibly be killed isn't an option I'd ever choose. Just having my Rotties bark provided serious security, but after the barking, it was my job to call the police or take measures to get rid of intruders.

A bear that isn't even that impressed with a truck will see any size of a dog as a chew toy. A pack of dogs is better, but really, call local wildlife and get help.

We are in CT, surrounded by a game refuge... I would never let a dog outside if there’s a bear in the yard that climed the fence and it literally never happened until now.. it’s just that darn cub..
So the duck is at the mini farm now with a few friends, ducks and chicken, just got an update and pics this morning. I am so happy she is safe. I literally had to run on the porch in front of the darn bear yesterday, grab her, get her in, yell to my husband and son that he is in the back yard and the mom is next to the fence watching.
Thank goodness for Fozz, she actually warned us that there’s a bear in the back yard. We were all in the front yard and we saw it walking away and we were not sure where did it go because of the detached garage etc and i’ve heard her barking inside and run to check what’s going on and the bear was literally in my face next to the porch...

Karelian bear dogs, I think they had some kind of different name back there in Russia, some variety of Laika, my daughter really wants a husky and I really don’t want it!) Because I had a handler that used to show my Pei and a Dane and her mom is a show breeder, Husky's And she was telling me how hard it is, like she would get a Skiperkee or an Aussie or a Corgi... she moved away from her mom to NY, still a handler, showing dogs at Westminster.

I did reported it today, apparently there’s over 200 bear sightings in the area and they have some numbers to call, but it doesn’t sound like they can do that much.

@reddie we don't have a pet menagerie like you do, but we did get 2 older dogs from Eldorado Basenjis. They spent time with us getting to know us and our situation, at the time we had a 14 1/2 y/o male who had just lost his sister and was simply lost. They did a fabulous job matching us with a former show dog who was 8, she's now 15 1/2. And when our male passed at 16, and I was inconsolable, I called them, and again they had the perfect match for us. They did their job, and very well, they take back their dogs if it doesn't work out, but part of their job is making sure that the right dog goes to the right home. Basenjis aren't easy, if they were, everyone would have them, but if you ARE a basenji person and you make THAT basenji connection, you're hooked for life! You have to have a sense of humor when owning a basenji, it's a must, just saying...

I’ve only heard good things about Eldorado Basenjis.
I really don’t have a lot of pets any more, a dog, 3 cats and a parrot.

Just wanted to update everyone. We didn’t get a Basenji but we did adopted a puppy that someone posted on Craigslist looking to trade her for some kids toys which we have way too many. I thought it’s a joke at 1 st and my instinct was to get her off the CL before she ends in wrong hands. Well we ended with a nice pup, a beautiful long haired German Shepherd, we had her for 5 weeks now, she is sweet, friendly, gentle, doing awesome with potty/ leash/ crate training. Has’t destroyed anything yet in the house. 2 out of 3 cats are friendly with her, the last one is just being bossy. She plays with our Border Collie and it is so much easier to train her because she pretty much does everything that Fozz, the BC does. I guess we got lucky so far, knock on a wood, I am still surprised and still very skeptical though!)

Well done for giving that puppy a home ! You are both very lucky by the sound of it ! Long may it last. Good luck !

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It’s been a while! Lexie is almost 6 m.o and 50+ pounds, doing great so far. Potty/leash/ crate training. Cats are adjusting well!)

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