• Hello all! My wife and I live in Austin and are very interested in getting a Basenji but would love to meet one (some?) first. Are there any owners here in Austin (or nearby) who would be willing to meet up with your Basenji? Maybe a play date in Zilker Park or another local park so we can meet you and your doggo to learn more about what they are like? We've done lots of reading on the Internet, seen videos, etc but that's all a poor substitute for meeting one in person (in dogsen?). If you are up for meeting with me and my wife then please email me at tony@treynolds.com. Thanks, and looking forward to it!


  • Contact the Austin Basenji Club, call breeders, attend a dog show or 2 and find out if you can visit breeders.


  • @tony_in_atx
    If you have not done so, check with your vet, if he knows of a Basenji owner, then met with the. Get all the info from the vet on Basenji's.

    Stafford-Ames Morse
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  • First Basenji's

    My husband & I live near College station, we don’t get out of our comfor zone much, Austin is kinda far for us, we welcome you to visits us on our five acres, to meet our pack, we live in Iola, Texas, if interested , my number is 713 927 6540, I answer Natural Awakenings, so identify yourself so I don’t think your a robo call.

  • @crazybasenjimom

    Lovely invitation ! That's what we have always done and what I still do. Get wannabe owners to visit Basenjis, come to the woods on walks, see the pack at home.

    Shows are OK for making contacts but you need to experience Basenjis in a home environment to get an idea if they are for you.

    And read the Zande Put Off on my website !!!

  • I think meeting "a pack" is worth the effort and immeasurably better than meeting a Basenji. While Basenji's share many behaviors they are not all alike. If you met one of ours you'd think Basenjis were calm sweet and people oriented dogs. Another not so much! LOL Also, if you're thinking about getting a dog from a particular breeder, best to scope them out. Like Basenjis, not all Basenji breeders are the same.

    I don't know any breeders in Austin but I do know one who has a ranch near Johnson City. If you're interested, PM me and I'll see if she's willing to meet with you. She's not planning on breeding this year AFAIK but she'd be a great resource on many fronts if you decide to proceed, and you could see a good but representational pack in an outdoor environment.

  • You can also go to www.basenji.org and search for breeders by state. While the breeder might not be close to you, they may have placed pups that would be interested in having you meet their Basenji

  • Thanks everyone for the information and good advice!

    Should my wife and I feel guilty for spending 2 hours yesterday looking at Basenji photos online and watching Basenji (and Basenjis with cats) videos on Youtube? 🙂


  • @tony_in_atx Once you are hooked, there is no going back. I could never make it through the withdrawal stage lol.

  • Have you visited the Brat site, Basenji Rescue and Transport. We live in Thorndale Tx and have 2 bennies. We have had 4 of them, they have given us so much joy.
    Nout Van West

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