Basenji owners in Austin Tx
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    Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone near the Austin tx area or San Antonio/new braunfuls area owns a basenji or knows of any basenji groups that meet up periodically! Our baby is only 4months at the moment but it would be so much fun to take her to a basenji meeting when she gets older and have her play with some basenjis like her! Thanks for any info!!

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    @pearlypoo Hi there! We don't have a basenji but are interested in getting one. Since I"m very allergic to dogs I'm eager to spend some time up close and personal with a basenji to see how my allergies behave. If you are ever up for a meet-up in the Austin area, I'd love to meet your pup! Sorry I can't offer any basenji playdates . . . but who knows . . . maybe I will be able to before too long!

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  • @susanna - Great idea to spend time with a Basenji due to your allergies, however meeting at a place were there are other breeds of dogs may not really let you see how your allergies react. If you do that, I recommend that something that the basenji has slept on for a few days (like a hand towel) be brought in a plastic bag. You take that home and sleep with it under your pillow... will give you a better idea of a reaction. Note that Basenjis do shed and do have dander but less then many other dogs so sometimes good for people with some allergies.

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    Hi, I am former Basenji owner who is looking to become one again. I am having a hard time locating a breeder or someone with a litter close enough to me "I live in same general area as you do" can you tell me where you got yours.


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  • @Golf_Guy - Go to and there is a link Find a Puppy that will take you to links to search by state. These are members of the Basenji Club of America (parent Basenji Club) and are breeders that health test... do not just use a web based site that can't produce or point you to that publishes health testing to the public. Here is a link of a well tested Basenjis. You need registration number or name and you should check it out for yourself.

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