Basenji owners in Austin Tx
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    Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone near the Austin tx area or San Antonio/new braunfuls area owns a basenji or knows of any basenji groups that meet up periodically! Our baby is only 4months at the moment but it would be so much fun to take her to a basenji meeting when she gets older and have her play with some basenjis like her! Thanks for any info!!

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    @pearlypoo Hi there! We don't have a basenji but are interested in getting one. Since I"m very allergic to dogs I'm eager to spend some time up close and personal with a basenji to see how my allergies behave. If you are ever up for a meet-up in the Austin area, I'd love to meet your pup! Sorry I can't offer any basenji playdates . . . but who knows . . . maybe I will be able to before too long!

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  • @susanna - Great idea to spend time with a Basenji due to your allergies, however meeting at a place were there are other breeds of dogs may not really let you see how your allergies react. If you do that, I recommend that something that the basenji has slept on for a few days (like a hand towel) be brought in a plastic bag. You take that home and sleep with it under your pillow... will give you a better idea of a reaction. Note that Basenjis do shed and do have dander but less then many other dogs so sometimes good for people with some allergies.

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