• Hi !! My name is Rosanna, I recently adopt a basenji puppy. His name is Gus, and is the most adorable and mischivius little creature😍. My concern recently is make the transition from the pampers to go outside. Any advice? And those little dots affter he pee 😒I’ll share some picture soon!!! His account on instagram is “Gus-the basenji”!

  • Hello and welcome.... boy puppies will typically always "drip" little dots after they pee... typical for any breed.... learn to live with it until he grows up a bit. How old is he? The transition to outside takes time... you need to always take your puppy out especially after sleeps (immediately and carry them out)... after eating, after playing, and in between... praise after they go outside

  • Little boys have some long hairs on the end of their peeper.dont trim them off, they are there for a purpose. They direct the stream down to the ground.without them he would be peeing all over his self. That is the source of those little dots. A tissue before you let him in or pick him up will take care of that.

  • Sounds like a wonderful pup. Especially the mischievous part. How unusual! LOL

    You didn't mention his age. That can make a difference.

    Great advice from Tanza and Joan. The only thing I can add is that using treats to reinforce desired behaviors you want does work. For all kinds of things, including going outside.

  • I crate trained.
    They won’t go where they sleep!
    I was able to work from home, keep him in the crate next to me while I worked. Every 2 hours we’d take a 10 min break, go outside & let him smell & he’d usually go.
    When he goes, praise, praise, praise!

    If he starts to go inside, scoop him up and calmly say, no, no, wait, no, outside.
    When outside, say ok, good boy!

    That cycle of consistently every 2hours, really set the stage. Eventually I eliminated the crate during the day.
    It helped that I had another dog, helping teach.
    He was psycho about doing his #2 in the dirt. When we travelled, that was a funny challenge. He eventually outgrew that.

    Thanks for the question; it brings back great memories!
    Good luck!

  • Hope you put in a doggy door to the back fenced yard so they can go anytime .
    [removed email address]

  • Many of us are related by our Basenjis. Care to share who you got him from or his pedigree?

  • put in a doggy door so he can go in and out as we wsih. Trust you have a fenced back year..... 4 ft fence does not cut it.....

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