Gareth ( Poker Jackpot Alisina Zvezdochka )

Hello! We are new here. My name is Tania. Let me introduce my 11 month old male Gareth ( Poker Jackpot Alisina Zvezdochka, you can find his pedigree on ). He was imported from Ukraine. He lives now near Toronto ( Canada ).
alt text
Happy Holidays!

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He's a lovely boy - a shining example of the Basenjis produced by that kennel !

Very handsome fella! I am most impressed!
๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿงก

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@Zande Thank you. Glad to hear such words about that kennel.
Thank you, Pippi! )

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Beautiful photo and a handsome debonair young man!

Maybe I'm partial but Basenjis are one of the most best looking dogs you'll see....Gareth is a good example of that!!

Beautiful boy, excellent photo!

What a beautiful boy! Solid and regal. โค

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