Snow Day with my handsome boy- Remus (aka Spring Willow's Auld Lang Syne)

@antigone , love the picture, wish it were bigger! 🙂

@eeeefarm I will try to enlarge it. I wanted to remove the profile pic but it would not let me! Sigh!

@antigone wow! That's amazing! I can usually get Remus to sit still for maybe 30 seconds and then have to let him run a lap before he regains the focus to sit pretty for me again. He does have the cute little head tilt and the momentary lazer focus though haha

@eeeefarm My aunt is actually a photographer and has gotten quite popular taking horse pictures and she uses the umbrella trick! A liver treat or a high pitch noise is usually enough to get Remus to sit still and look at me lol

Thank you for taking the time to find the picture. The dog bed looks like it's made for royalty and your Basenji fits the bill completely! Beautiful basenji - looks so regal and debonair!

@kembe She was a gorgeous Tri and she had a Bandits Mask which added to her being a criminal! One morning she climbed on the kitchen counter and dumped 4 Glass Canisters that had Flour, Sugar etc and while I was cleaning that up she was on the dining room Table shredding a paperback book. That was the day I sent her to reform school! She packed with older dogs for the entire Month of July which was when I took my vacation.

It was worth every second of the House destruction because I adored her and she was an excellent judge of character. Animals know a good human from a bad one. That is why I say in 99% of cases and animal is being DEFENSIVE and NOT Aggressive.

Cats are a mystery to me. They are always tiny Tigers and they will attack other animals and also kill other Cats. My older female rescue Cat killed the smaller and younger male cat. I still have the Killer Cat but she still bites me.

@eeeefarm GORGE0US HORSES! I know have 4 and they are 2 off-track Thoroughbreds and 2 American Paint Horses. They are all Mares and I have a Mother and Daughter. The Daughter was from my Paint Mare and she was bred against the terms of my Contract. The Filly ended up at the New Holland Livestock Auction in New Holland, PA. I had to buy my own horse for $950.00! Her Mother is coming home this Month and the reunion will be well documented!

I just love all animals!



@antigone , the two in my picture are Arabians, half brothers, and I raised and trained both of them. They taught me a lot about genetics, as they were very different despite being raised the same and trained the same, but having different sires made a lot of difference in their personalities.

@eeeefarm My very first Horse was an Arabian! He was small but mighty! I got him when he was 15 years old and I am an able rider but this Horse taught me how to find his center of gravity and I just stuck there no matter what he did! Arabian Horses are the Basenjis of the Horse World. They too are an Ancient Breed and their conformation is square just like the Basenjis!

My Arab hated adults but he loved kids! I am short so he must have thought I was a Kid because he never did anything to harm me.

FEI rated Riders always said they could ride him but when they tried to Jump he launched them over his head! They finally agreed that he could not be ridden by anyone except for Kids!!!

I love the Breed and they are Hot. Mine was a Cryptorchid so he was a studley Horse and stood 14 HH! I would take another in a second and they do go to Slaughter. It sickens me with the Dog and Cat eaters and the Horse eaters as well!

You did a great job with the Breeding!!! Continued success!!


@antigone ![0_1545008436796_image.png](Uploading 100%)
I LOVE this photo - it is hilarious! And your basenji is gorgeous! I favor the tri's and red&whites (my Kembe is a red&whites) - although my brother had a brindle that was beautiful! Your comment about sending her to REFORM SCHOOL made me laugh - you have a great sense of humor - but I guess you have to when you are the proud owner of a Basenji! I can tell by your comments that you truly loved her and miss her - Always remember that she brought you great happiness and cherish the memories!❤

Simply fantastic beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing... and the others who also shared. 🙂

Wow!! Such a gorgeous dog!

My Jessey LOVES playing in the snow! He tries to catch the snowballs but isn't please with the outcome. 🙂 Remus is a handsome boy!!

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@i-babygirl-i said " my basenji is named Mojo too! "

Great name choice! I adopted Mojo so I was not so smart to pick such a great name. It always makes me smile when I say "Good Mojo!" or "Bad Mojo!"
I hope your Mojo is as sweet as my b boy. He is a 5 yr old brindle boy and I've been graced with his presence about 1.5 yrs now. What age and color is your Mojo?

First Basenji's

He’s almost 10 weeks. Was born on New Year’s Eve. And he’s a red and white. Eventually I’ll figure out how to upload his pics here lol

The aka Spring Willow is that who you got your basenji from(like the litter name)? Was the breeders name Laurie? I remember seeing that name(spring willow) when I got my 2 basenjis 5 years ago but i forget.

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