New barnhunt title

Congratulations. But... Technically one has to fill out a form and pay AKC about $30 to have the barn hunt titles to be official and be listed as a title in their registered name. I just did this with my dog.

@wizard I have never heard of this. The Basenjis find and chase Rats? I never did any of the competitions with my B so all of this is a mystery to me.

I know the Basenjis are sight Hounds and they climb Trees. Mine did that more than once but the last time she did that she climbed too high and was afraid to jump down. She never climbed a Tree after that.

Schipperkes are used for Hunting Rats on Boats and Barges but I did not know the Basenjis do this too. Does the Dog kill the Rat? Fox Hunting has been banned in NJ where I live but they stopped using live Foxes and dragged a stuffed object that had been scented to smell like a Fox.

I know that people Hunt and I dislike it because the Dogs are Judas Animals. The BLM uses a Judas Horse to bait the Wild Horses so they are tricked into thinking the Judas Horse is from their Herd.

Congrats on your Teddy's win!

Wow, go Teddy! My girl Pippi can bring down two lizards in under one minute for sure. She's a great lizard hunter (but luckily doesn't kill them), here in Australia!

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Congrats. Sounds like a fast Basenji. But yes, let's get that pic posted and the info to Sally!

And Sally would love a photo to add to the pedigree ! Just email me a .jpg (or anything) with the title and the registered name of the dog !

Same goes for all of you ! ADD PICTURES to your on-line pedigrees !

Congrats on the hard work and title.

His full name is Sonbar's Xactlyas Xpected
How can I get you his and Gossip's (Sonbar's Tabloid Talk) titles for your database Sally?

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How can I get you his and Gossip's (Sonbar's Tabloid Talk) titles for your database Sally?

email me - and I will add them AND a photo if you can attach one to the email.

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Sonbar's Xactlyas Xpected

I just looked. I have these titles already -
Am Ch Sonbar's Xactlyas Xpected RE OAP OJP CGC
Sonbar's Tabloid Talk RAE AXP AJP CGC TKI

Photos PLEASE and the RATN or RATO additions ?

I sent you an email with all titles (including nonAKC) and a photo.

And the titles AND photos are on the pedigree website for all to see ! Thank you !

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