• What to feed your big puppy is a difficult question for many dog owners.
    But in my opinion, raw food is THE best food for a dog (still doesn't mean that it's the best for every dog), if it's properly balanced, of course. Luna, unfortunately, isn't raw fed as I can't afford it. She gets quality kibble though with a high meat percentage, no grain, no byproducts, etc, none of that garbage. She does get the occasional raw meal every week, with raw meaty bones to clean her teeth. She also gets many health supplements, especially to support her joints. Luna eats Carnilove, and occasionally Orijen

  • Sounds like you feel bad that you can't afford raw. Feel better. To date, every single legit research as found absolutely zero benefit over high quality kibble. (I fed raw for about 10 years btw. I am not anti-raw).

  • Agree you should feel better. Dogs and humans are designed to eat a ton of things. I know breeders who have consistently raised long lived dogs on standard Purina that you can only buy at grocery stores (too low end for pet stores).

  • I'm not anti raw either - just never seen any particular advantage in it, given that there are high quality kibbles etc available.

    So I've never fed raw - in about 38 years of breeding (and almost always keeping a pup) and running a pack of Basenjis which numbered 8 for a long time.

    btw - I will soon have to start re-setting the Basenji tummy clocks for when ours go back. Usually about 2 weeks before the Fall-back I feed them slightly later, morning and evening.
    So when it actually happens, there is no long wait for dinner !

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