We attended another Rally event this weekend - entered in Rally Masters: Gossip (almost 11 y) achieved a 97 and 98 (personal best); Teddy (almost 8 y) achieved a 99 (personal best) and 86 (wouldn't do the right spin). That gives them their 5th and 6th legs respectively - just love the color green 🙂

Here's of photo of them (Teddy on right) 0_1534771162279_GossipTeddy BF.jpg

WOW! That is great... congrats!

Congratulations! Great accomplishment! Also - nice photo! Cute Basenjis!

You know what they say: "If it's true it's not a brag!" 😉 So congratulations.

What is so interesting is our two dogs look quite similar. Bigger age difference though. Small gene pool.

@wizard So great! I love that they have a stuffed toy that has not been demolished!

Great outcome for all the work that you and the Bs put in. Keep smiling.

@antigone Photo's misleading - the toy is totally devoid of all stuffing 🙂

WONDERFUL! WOHOOO! Love the snuggling picture. 🙂

@wizard That is why we love them. 🙂

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