Bragging about their new:

sleeping place…

A present from mommy and daddy 😃

It's sort of a sleeping bag but than much more soft..
They even can curl up inside!!!

She fits in too… YEAHHH

What??? Who's calling me??

Yeaaahhh I'm cute!!!!! I'm sooooo cute (and sleeepy)

pffft…. This is still my favorite spot...


That looks a lovely and cosy bed, mine would just love that:D

That does look cozy!! I'd find my little grandsons taking it over!


I was looking at getting one of those vs just a round bed. Not cheap though.


I was looking at getting one of those vs just a round bed. Not cheap though.

We payed (in germay) 50 euro's
Thats almost 70 US dollars (what google says)

:eek: How coooooooooool!!!! And not that expensive.. I think Tillo would kill it in 5 minutes though.. but, WOW, I like it a lot!!

Where did you get it..? 😃

Hey! I just noticed the brand Karlie.. We just bought something of that in Alkmaar.. I'll look up there site..

I'd love to get my babies a bed like that but I'm afraid it would be dead in a flash! Good old Vet Bed or Pro Fleece is what mine get - it's bomb proof!!!:):)
Also, I'd probably end up in it in front of the telly. HAHA:D

Hi! go to website really great store. The pet beds are nice not as nice as the one that Buana has but nice. They have some really cool things and there prices are not really all that bad. We get a lot of things there. They have a catalog you can request and here is there number.
1-800-254-8726. Please let me know what you think of them.

Rita Jean

Moja and Wili are sooooo jealous…:p

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