Question about ID tag information

Hi All! Just looking to get some info from experienced people on what info is best put on dog ID tags. I was on some other website a few days ago (can't remember which one, which is what happens when you troll,lol!) and people were getting quite passionate about NOT including micro chip numbers for reasons of security. Of course, as a former investigator, I could argue that including the very necessary contact phone number or address is a security risk in today's world but then you have to put something on the tag or it's just pretty decoration. There are some tags that use both side and permit 4 lines per side. So..... what do most of you include on your tags?

I would put check microchip on the tag.

Security risk how? Like someone is going around looking for stray dogs because that's a sign it's a worthy home to rob?
You can put

Pet name
Your phone
Vet's phone
AKC or other recovery program number and dog id

I put phone number, in my case kennel name, and chip contact info... I do not put address.

@debradownsouth Thanks for the info!! The very number is an excellent idea that I never even thought about.

@tanza Thanks so much for your input. Sounds like great info,

Another thing I always put on is “REWARD”, some engraved tags have both front and back engraving. I also bought a really nice leather branded one with my dogs name and phone number worked into it, really awesome quality off an eBay seller, there are lots, here is one listing.

I put the dogs name and my phone number. I once lost a tag (not the dog haha) and a kind man called me and brought the tag back. I don't think more than a number is necessary personally. My dogs are chipped before they leave the breeder.

@crazysenji said in Question about ID tag information:

I don't think more than a number is necessary personally

What if your dog got out while you are unavailable? Cell phones occasionally are out of range, run out of batteries. A 2nd number could keep someone from saying forget it and dumping in a shelter.

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