• Also upcoming is the Basenji Club of Cincinnati's annual regional specialty, it is held at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds. There are Basenji events starting on Friday, May 25…a show with only Basenjis, then an African exhibition afterwards (a show that is not for competition points, just for fun). Then on Saturday there is another regular show, and then a puppy match afterwards (again, just for fun). On Saturday there is usually a picnic lunch, and acution. On Sunday, there is a regular all breed show....and Monday too.

    We will be there on Friday only this year. There will be lots of great people to meet and talk to all weekend long! Hope to see some of you!

  • Yea! Something here. I have to work on Friday so I am sad I will miss the Basenji's, but hopefully we can come and see the the other shows. Thanks for posting this.

  • @dash:

    Yea! Something here. I have to work on Friday so I am sad I will miss the Basenji's, but hopefully we can come and see the the other shows. Thanks for posting this.

    There will be a Basenji only show (called a specialty) on Saturday also! I would guess there will be more Bs on Saturday than on Friday! And I think the picnic and auction are on Saturday!

  • Aacck! I just got my premium…it is Butler County Fairgrounds, in Hamilton OH...not Hamilton Cnt Fairgrounds!

    And on Friday the show starts at 1pm.

  • I think that the entries are pretty much the same for the entire weekend… Paris is entered all 4 days, of course I will not be there, but Coleen will have her

  • oh, we will definately have to go. Ern will be excited. I will feel guilty to leave the dogs but maybe Ernies' parents can watch them. I have never been to a show before. I wish I would see some of you up there. That would be a lot of fun. It would be nice to put a face to the posts!

  • for those of you who are entered.. Can you tell me your dogs names in the show so I can root for them? Is that the easiest way to do it? Will the handlers let you go back and see them or is that sort of off limits? Just curious, I am sure there is an etiqutte and I wouldn't want to violate it.

  • My girl that I own with Jeff Gillespie and Sue Kite is Stallian-Tanza Tri The Obvious (call name Paris)… and not all are with handlers?? Paris lives with Jeff. Colleen, who shows her, most of the time will usually just take her at the shows into the ring (and that happens with lots of peoples Basenjis if they don't show themselves)... they are "not" back anywhere (unless people have RV's..) but will have setups (xpens) around the ring especially for Specialties that are usually an all day event... for All breed shows the Basenjis are only at the ring for their class time.
    I am sure that Jeff would not mind you visiting with Paris... the only time you want to not "bother" is right as people are getting ready to go into the show ring for their class... but after is always OK....

  • We will only be there on Friday…but I have entered two girls. "Luna" or Quercus Select Incandescent will be in the Bred by Exhibitor class. And "Blondie" or Taji-Rennek-Platinum Quercus JC will be in the Open red and white class. Oh, and then "Ariel" or Avongara Ariel will be entered in the African Exhibition in the full African puppy class. Please come up an introduce yourself if you make it on Friday. But there will be tons of friendly faces there on Saturday too!

  • How exciting!!!! I'll bet this will be so much fun. Best wishes to all, Paris, Luna, Blondie and little Ariel. And special good luck wishes to the "hu'moms"!

  • So, I'm super sad to say we can't go. I didn't realize it was memorial day wknd and we have a family get together every year this Saturday.:mad:

    Quercus, we are just going to have to take a trip to NW Ohio and visit you and pretend :p

  • Awww…too bad. There is often lure coursing around the area...maybe we could meet up there one weekend.

  • that would be great. Keep me posted!

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