National Specialty

Anyone going to the Basenji National Specialty in Frankenmuth, MI, next week?

No but if I were closer I'd definitely go. Should be a lot of fun.

I probably sound dumb, but what is this?

@caleb said in National Specialty:

I probably sound dumb, but what is this?

Go to, you can read about it there and there is a link to the specialty website. Most all parent basenji clubs have a Specialty to showcase their breed

I had planned to go (it's only a three-hour drive), but unfortunately, my mother recently had a stroke and I can't get away.

*Just a note to Scampy: I am praying for your Mom *

*You are most welcome. Although our doggies are so very special to us, NO ONE can ever replace our Mom's. I pray she has a full recovery - Mamie🧚🏼 *

@scampy I am sorry to read about your mother. I hope she recovers quickly.

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