BCOA National Specialty next month

We are planning on going a couple of the days. Probably Saturday and Sunday.

Anyone else attending?

Gettysburg PA at the Eisenhower convention center

Too Far for me this year…. but will be at 2013 in the great state of Washington

Oh good, Washington next year!
We can drive to that one easy enough!


Oh good, Washington next year!
We can drive to that one easy enough!

We were already informed of this also! We are heading down next year for it too! I am excited. Since Tucker is registered in the States now I can also show him there!

We will be there with Zepp and Cachet (pups from this year)! Chey turns 6 months on 6/27 and Zepp on 7/04, so they are just old enough. Now, whether their brains grow up with them is anyone's guess….


Perhaps we will see you there Terry. My wife somehow got us one of the last rooms available at the Eisenhower.

We are going for fun but Q's breeder may show him in the veterans class for old times sake.

We don't know anything about showing dogs but look forward to learning a bit.

My breeder is showing Teddy. I hope he comes back to me with a ribbon or two!

Well I thoguht we were going. Turns out the veterans are being shown on Friday not Saturday like we hoped.

My wife had a previous commitment. 😞

Hey, you can still come down on Sat or Sun - Veteran Sweeps are Thursday, boy dogs in all classes on Friday, girl dogs on Saturday, and Best of Breed on Sunday! At least you can come and cheer… The BOB class is awesome; just to see that many Basenjis in the ring all at the same time just boggles the mind.


True but I've spent alot since Mr. Q's arrival (just dropped $9,000 last night finalizing the fence so I can remove the ugly temporary) so I am going to be a bit more budget minded for the rest of the year.

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