Lack of rescues, especially younger (under 8) and healthy?

  • I have heard this for a long time, but had no idea how serious. Then, when looking at possible rescue for my x, I started seeing more and more articles and posts. I'm really happy there are less rescues, and really angry pseudo-rescues are helping create more.

  • The Washingon Post article was outstanding. It was actually focussed on Auctions for Puppy Mill breeding Dogs. The so-called Rescues were raising huge amounts of Cash to bid on these Dogs. They were buying the Dogs and then keeping them for themselves due to Post Traumatic Stress. Animals can get that but these people should have been responsible and asked for advice.

    If they are a 'Rescue' they must have either a State or Federal 501(c)(3) certification. If they do not have this then you are dealing with wannabes who don't respect the Animals or the Rescues that truly do good work. I have been Rescuing Horses, Dogs, Cats, and sometimes Wolves from the Dog Pound in Newark, NJ. They know to call me when a Wolf or Wolf Hybrid has been dumped.

    Dog and Cat eating runs rampant in Asia and Africa. It is disgusting and Culture NEVER justifies Cruelty. Cruelty can be Quantified. The Swiss eat their famed Mountain Rescue Dogs the Sainte Bernard. It is vile how humans go so far out of the norms of kindness.

  • Antigone, I've heard many comments regarding rescues (or coordinators/fosters) who 'keep dogs for themselves' and would like to address that issue. I live across a provincial border from the 'puppy mill capitol of Canada,' and have become an unwilling expert in rehabbing & rehoming PM dogs. I don't think you--or anyone else--would make that comment if you'd actually cared for one of these dogs. Moreover, it's difficult to find appropriate forever homes for many of them, since they come with behavioural or health problems that adopters either aren't equipped or willing to deal with.
    I've adopted two of my own fosters: one so incredibly timid that I've never been able to pick him up or put both arms around him unless he's tranquilized, otherwise he bites; Another I received as an 8 week old foster with cranio-facial trauma--he's visually impaired and is mostly incontinent, although he's improved somewhat over the years. I didn't 'want' to adopt either dog--I wanted to continue fostering--but the fact remains that they--and a number of PM dogs--were and are 'undesirable' to the average adopter, and often remain with the foster parent.
    Also, even PM dogs less impacted by their experience awaken a protective instinct within their foster parents, who then--not surprisingly--become unwilling to give them up. I can vouch that it's very, very difficult to nurture a broken creature who comes to you encrusted with feces and mange, who stinks to high heaven despite repeated baths but still needs the warmth and security of curling against you at night--then 'betray' them by handing them over to a stranger.
    The thing to keep in mind is that rescues are about keeping the dogs safe and happy, first and foremost. Often the best home for them is where they feel safe and loved, which is sometimes their foster home. Anyone who gets mad at THAT probably isn't the most ideal applicant. If someone really, really wants a rescue, maybe they should become a volunteer first, just to see what's really involved with caring for a rescue. Contrary to popular belief, young, unaffected rescue basenjis are few and far between.

  • @yodelma said in Lack of rescues, especially younger (under 😎 and healthy?:

    I don't think you--or anyone else--would make that comment if you'd actually cared for one of these dogs. <<<

    Did you raise THOUSANDS of dollars to rescue them and keep them for yourself? Nothing was said about the dogs not being appropriate to rehome.

    But again, your abusive responses... you attack breeders, you attack someone for being upset rescue hasn't responded to them for months... anyone personally if they disagree. Who in the blue blazes are you to accuse him of not caring?

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    Ok, dial it back a little, here: Are you aware that rescue staffers are VOLUNTEERS? People with full-time jobs, families, pets of their own plus foster dogs? These aren't corporations You're dealing with, they're non-profits! Don't you feel just a tiny bit self-absorbed and arrogant complaining, because that's the vibe I'm getting!<<

    @tanza Yes, she could be. Then again, she could also be part basenji. The OP wasn't looking for your Holy Basenji-Breeder Annointment of her dog as a purebred! She merely asked if, based on her dog's appearance and behaviour, she might have basenji blood. Is your self-image as a basenji breeder so fragile that you have to shoot down every newbie who wants info? This is a basenji forum--I thought all basenji lovers were welcome. You, ma'am, are a basenji snob!<<

    @debradownsouth I apologize, but as a rescue advocate I've never once met a breeder who didn't treat "poor-bred' rescues and mixes with polite but palpable disdain. In my old age, I'm becoming less willing to watch breeders be curt and dismissive to newcomers. @ Tanza's comment says it all: She doesn't "see" basenji. Basenjis--and this forum--are about a lot more than looks.<<

    @tanza For those of you who'd like to be better informed than Tanza here, PLEASE research essential oils before using them on your dogs<<

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    She's adorable! Her behaviour/movement sure sounds basenji, her weight Isn't that far off either...she also has white on all 4 legs, and her color is right--I'd say mix! Don't listen to Tanza, She's a breeder so she can't admit a mix can be the best of both worlds : D<<

    @tanza Since you're a breeder, you rarely see separation anxiety in your own dogs since you keep several. Furthermore, many of breeders blame owners for separation anxiety, or claim It's a sign of bad breeding/temperament issues. So, needless to say, I disagree with your statement--sep anxiety is a frequent struggle. I don't much care for the idea of purchasing two puppies, but it beats the prospect of one suffering while their family is away from home all day.<<

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    @giza1 Who are you talking to Joanne, me? Because all of the wonderful breeders you're referring to are doing NOTHING to stop this woman except referring people who ask to other breeders. 3 rescues in less than a year, all with health and temperament problems. Excuse me for being incredibly bitter, but I couldn't save one of her dogs, spent a week going to the ER twice a day for IV antibiotics and needed surgery on my hand because she overbreeds, hasn't got a f*king clue and is irresponsible AND THE REST OF THE BCOC MEMBERS look the other way! There is one canadian basenji breeder I'll recomend, and she's in Vancouver. At this time last year, I spent my Christmas crying over a dog who was under quarantine order, waiting to be released by the County Health Department so I could have him euthanized. You want to talk about our "wonderful canadian breeders" you're part of the problem! They have zero heart and look the other way--as long as they're making money they don't give a sht!<<

    Not sure what has happened to you this last year... you used to be a normal poster. But I do know you have go far over the line of being abusive with your personal attacks. I hope Tanza at least reports you.

  • @yodelma I have in fact given Safe Harbor to German Shepherd Puppy Mill Dog. She was very aggressive and I had to keep her apart from the rest of my Animals. I did find her a great home with a Horsekeeping friend on Long Island. The Dog's name was Shelby and his daughter had the same name. Her Papers showed she was from Tennessee and she was microchipped. The family had an older Labrador who could hold his own but she started to fight with him but they worked it out. They changed her name to Athena who is the Greek Goddess of War.

    I have taken Horses that were severely underweight and covered with their own feces. I get calls as these are always owner surrenders. I take my time getting them healthy and fully covered with a thick coat. I do not start retraining them in Dressage until I can no longer see any pointy hipbones or any pointy bones at all.

    I have been doing this since 1995 and my late Father was the animal rescuer in the Family. He would bring stray Dogs that were at the Loading Dock at his Business. The guys would feed the Dogs who were puppies and my Dad would find out and bring the Puppy home. At one point we had 3 BIG DOGS and 6 Cats! My mother complained but she loved them all. I have rescued more Dogs than any other species. I am well educated in Rehab for all Domestic Animals. My VP on the Board of my Rescue is certified in all kinds of modalities such as Cranial Sacral Massage, which takes about 2 years for the Certification. It is taught by both Orthopaedists and Vets. Whatever I have not learned from the animals I have learned from Lynn.

    I am not disputing your experience but there are some bad people.

  • @debradownsouth Aren't you sweet

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