Small world

Last summer we got our kitchen remodeled, and the company that installed the counters, work all over northwest Ohio. When they first got here, a couple of dogs met them at the door, and as usual, I had to explain the breed.

One of the guys said "Hey, the house we were at yesterday had one of those!"
I asked him where and when he told me the town, about 2 hour from here, I looked up the address of a puppy from me that lived in that town. I asked if he was at (that address), he said yes, and I told him "That dog came from here!"

I have not bred a litter in 11 years and after the puppy is a year old I only have contact with the people if they contact me.
(Except, I remember emailing folks to let them know the DNA fanconi status of their dog's parents and what that meant for their dog. )

When I was looking for my first basenji over 15 years ago I spent a lot of time on your website and really learned a lot from you even though we’ve never met! I’m in NE Ohio and am on my 4th basenji and I hear your name and see it on a dog here and there.

It’s a small world when you have a “rare breed” sometimes ☺️.

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