Hi everyone, I’m Leia or as daddy likes to call me, pretty girl

Dad's right, pretty girl indeed with those cut crossed feet.

Very pretty girl!

Awww daddy's angel I hope I get one one day

Very nice! I love the way they sit up like that!

Gorgeous!!! Similar but more distinctive than my Piper who also has brindle trim markings.

Very regal and elegant lady! Gorgeous!


Big Bill

I had the identical Male to your female I lost him a year ago

His name was Joey
I would like to send you a pic of him in almost exactly the pose

@linda50 would love to see it, sorry you lost Joey, I lost leia last week😪

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Big Bill
My heart goes out to you.
It very hard to deal with the loss of a beloved pet.
He was the third we have had from pups til they were gone.
We Lost Joey on April 30 2017
Totally unexpected he passed in his sleep
He was 14 y/o
We have a Basenji rescue from the Missouri rescue.
I don’t believe that I will ever fill the hole in my heart. He was my boy from the day we got him
I wish you the best
I tried to send that pic but it’s to big

Thank you so much, it’s been absolutely heartbreaking for us but she was not eating, she was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, we found a great vet that did her surgery and treatments and she had two good years after that, it was in her lymph nodes so we always knew in the back of our minds that it would rear it’s ugly head and it did, the House is very empty now so we started our search for a b pup, if you figure out how to post that picture, we would love to see him, than you

I am sorry to learn you losr that lovely girl. It is always hard.

So sorry for your loss. It is never easy to lose your baby. We had our first B for 12 years. Had such a big hole in my heart we got another one. She is 3yrs now. You will find another.

@linda50 said in Hi everyone, I’m Leia or as daddy likes to call me, pretty girl:

I tried to send that pic but it’s to big

Any decent photo or graphics program will downsize a picture for you. Lots of free ones around on line, or perhaps one came with your camera?

Big Bill, so sorry to hear that you lost your girl. I have been down that road many times and it never gets easier. My thoughts are with you....

@bigbill22 ![0_1523740591941_61896C54-7EB8-413E-94EA-745953504505.jpeg](Uploading 15%)
Big Bill
Give this a try not sure you can open this
If not I will try something else

What a handsome pooch, you were right

He was a terror from day 1
We have an old Rescue dog if he would be on the couch Joey would walk up and just look at him until he would jump down it was hilarious.
Nothing was safe on the counter unless it was in the middle. He would swing his paw up and swipe stuff right off.
But he was a real affectionate boy as well
I sure miss him 🙁

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