Best harness for basenji’s

I have a very active 1 year old basenji, Bailey. He has a big fenced in yard to run around in, but when I have him out on a leash with a harness, he makes me nervous because he gets SO excited at everything and tries to run. What’s the best harness for a basenji/possible escape artist. I just have a regular harness from petco.


Good luck finding one! My Basenji could eventually work her way out of every one. You have to be very diligent about keeping the straps done up tightly. It got very stressful letting someone else walk her because she was so adept at wriggling her way out that I gave up and just leash her to her collar.

Looks like you are using a collar , maybe get a harness, (goes around his next BUT also around the body, that way not putting force on his neck.

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We have had great luck with the Walk Your Dog With Love harness and after a few early years of trial and error, it's the brand we have used for years now without issue. One of our basenjis can back out of almost anything and though we have extra limited slip collars, the harnesses are easier on them.Both our B's have been able to get out of the Ruffwear front range harness, but I have heard good things about their Webmaster harness, which has chest and belly straps. Good luck!

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I like the WebMaster harnesses from Ruffwear for escape artists. I use them with formerly feral or fearful basenjis. The formerly feral basenjis were able to pop out of both a tightly adjusted step-in harness and martingale collars even when wearing both at the same time. Nobody has gotten out of the WebMaster. The extra strap located further back keeps it quite secure, so much that most can be picked up by the harness when needed.

My Sarge started from the breeder with a Martingale collar and we have never had a problem. I get mine from

Best of luck. If my two can’t wiggle out of their, they take turns chewing it off each other.

We have this one for our two sisters: They have never escaped, you can attach the leash on the back or in front, and it is ridiculously cheap.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

@beth We just started using a harness that was recommended to us by an animal behaviorist. Got it from Amazon and it is the Dean & Tyler DT Universal No Pull Dog Harness with Adjustable Straps. We put the leash ring on the ring on the top strap (highest strap on the harness) and find that this allows the dogs leash to travel back and forth freely on the strap while they walk.

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I would thing first thing first. Find a Sirius Dog Training near you.

By the training course, you will get to know your dog better and he will understand what you want of him. It will also make you a better owner of a Basenji.
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@morsesa - Make sure that any training class that you go to, the instructor is familiar with Basenjis.... I had one of my puppy people years ago take their puppy to a Sirius Dog Training class and it was horrible.... the instructor hated Basenjis and spent all the class time jerking and yanking on the puppy and was totally nasty to the owners. Not all trainers are the same and not all trainers like all breeds OR can adapt to what type of training works for different breeds and/or situations

@marble said in Best harness for basenji’s:

Best of luck. If my two can’t wiggle out of their, they take turns chewing it off each other.

LOL I was about to say something similar... we need a harness that Bug cannot chew through! [Yes, I realize that if she were trapped, I might want her to be able to free herself, however, I don't generally choose to spend $30++ for (what turns out to be) a chewtoy.]

@lovely I haven't used them... but why you want one is really important in knowing which one to get. They really are very varied in what they do.

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