• I have a male that will be 1 in November. I got him at 10 weeks. He's not yet neutered, but plan to do so at 18 mos. He is NOT potty trained and I am doing EVERYTHING I know to do. This is my only basenji but I foster dogs so this is not a new concept for me. I take him out regularly. He holds it until he is back in the house. I'm at my wits end so I've gone back to basics. He is crated, or on leash at all times. He still will rarely poop outside. He generally only poops outside once we have gotten far enough away from the house that he gets very excited and is lifting his leg to pee and accidentally starts to poop. I cannot walk him a mile away every 2 hours, every day. In the house, he will wait until I an not looking and start to go, I interrupt him, bring him outside, 30 minutes go by, and nothing. Once back in the house he will finish pooping. I work from home, but cannot sit at home for a full 24 hours. He will go in his crate while I'm away. The only reason he no longer pees inside as often I is because of marking behaviors. I'm able to get him to empty his bladder outside because he constantly wants to mark outside. Although if the urge hits him in the house he will not hold it or try to alert me in any way. If it rains he will NOT go outside. If the grass is wet he will stand there miserable staring at me and refuse to go. I use enzyme cleaners inside to get rid of any smell. This dog has become my full time job and I am still making no progress. He will let me know when he wants to go on a walk, but he still won't poop outside 90% of the time. He poops 5+ times a day. It looks perfectly normal.. He's a good weight, 20lbs (slightly small, but he was the runt from the beginning) I also have a fully potty trained staffie, so he isn't learning by example either. I take them out together, and separately, it makes no difference. I am scrubbing carpets and picking up poop several times a day, every single day, and I'm at a loss.

  • What are you feeding him and how often? If he refuses to go when you know he needs to, try matching him. (match or suppository in the rectum). If you get the desired result, lots of praise.

  • Rachel Ray Nutrish, about a cup and a half, and in the morning. He tends to pick at it throughout the day rather than eat all at once.

  • Okay so here is a dog you need to put on a strict feeding schedule. Give him food, after 15 mins pick it up. Give it again at least 10 hours later. Same thing, 15 mins, pick up.. no food til breakfast. Not wild about rachel ray's but the issue is the free feeding. You cannot get a set bowel movement with free feed... or as set.

    If you are leashing him to you, try a belly band so that he pees, it's him getting wet. A loose dog will tear them off, but if you have control, he can't.

    I know it's not comforting, but the "I'd rather die or explode" than go in the rain/wet ground " is common. If you have to get an indoor or covered potty area, that is better than going everywhere.

  • What food would you suggest? (im not prepared for the adventure into raw just yet) He started on blue buffalo wilderness puppy, then after taking in adult fosters on different foods he would no longer eat it. I tried for a while to get him on taste of the wild, he just doesn't like it. Rachel Ray grain free bison recipe he seems to like, but none of the other recipes.

  • @nodles91 I really don't let my dogs choose their food. If it is good quality, I get it. Most dogs really won't starve, they will eat what you have. Honestly, I wouldn't work on a food change while dealing with the pottying issue, just cut him down to two set meals a day. He may go hungry a few meals but then he will learn to eat on schedule. That should help control when he has to potty. He shouldn't need to potty more than once or twice a day.

    Then, I would use the match stick method. outside, in your yard in a spot you want him to go. A gal told me instead, she uses wax birthday candles or small Shabbat ones, clear/white, instead. I hadn't thought of it, but that would work great. While there are a few "I don't care, my feet are wet"... biologically most cannot resist the urge to push it out and with it poop. When he poops, instant praise, then a short walk for reward.

    Putting a belly band usually is to stop marking, but it has the advantage of making peeing in the house a "self anointing" thing. While getting him to mark to empty his bladder (and hollow leg) works, again you'll be using your life up with it. Put a little flavoring in his water, like chicken stock, to get him to drink a LOT so he has to go. Go out often, sing his praise when he pees, not marking. Reward with a great (but small) treat.. like a small bite of actual meat.

    But also, get him tested for a UTI or any issues, even thyroid. Make sure you aren't working uphill against a medical problem. It doesn't sound medical, but it's always good to be sure.

  • Thank you! We'll work these tips into our routine. Fingers crossed!

  • Stop with the free feeding... this is a dog that needs to be on a schedule. And a cup and a half might be too much for a 20lb dog. Try reducing it to a cup. I have also found that feeding 2x's a dog is better than once a day. I have never let my dogs free feed. Once he is on a schedule you can mostly determine when he should have to go... and then you take him out and stay out till he goes. A trick you can use (many don't like this but I will put it out there) is what people that show use. Insert a match in his bum half way.... This will stimulate him to go, when he does praise/treat him. And until he gets the idea, you will need to keep him crated or on leash. You can search the forum for other conversations about using a match to stimulate. Search for match trick

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