Ginger spayed - but hair hasn't grown back (3 mos)

  • Hello all,

    I am new here and have a question.

    Recently adopted, what we assume to be a 4 yr old Basenji, and had her spayed back in Oct 2016. Her previous owners didn't want her anymore and failed to get that done and also correct her umbilical hernia.

    My concern is that her hair has not grown back very much since then. Maybe a 1/4 inch since then. Is this typical? Should I be worried? I do have a vet appointment in Feb for a health check, but am curious.

    A few details: I am in the Pacific NW, I have a 14.5 yr old cat as well, and she is absolutely spoiled with high quality food and treats.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    ![0_1484943804939_20160922_202126-1.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • Basenji coats aren't very fast growing, so I wouldn't worry about it. Can we see a picture of your Basenji?

  • MIne had very little hair on her belly or underneath. It grows slowly-be happy!!

  • I am a veterinarian and also own basenjis. My first dog was a basenji mix and the same thing happened to her after she was spayed. What I found was that she was licking the hair off her abdomen when I was in veterinary school. She was doing that because my schedule changed and I was coming home at a different hour than before the time she was spayed. Once I realized that she was licking, I put a collar on her and the hair started to grow back in slowly. The other thing that could do the same is hypothyroidism. That is what my professor first thought was going on but then I realized that she was likcking and once I got it under control, she was ok.

  • Basenji hair grows slowly and seasonally. When I trim my dogs tails for shows they take quite awhile to grow back compared to other breeds who have has their hair clipped.

  • None of my Basenjis over 30yrs in the breed have a lot of hair on their belly.... in fact most have little to none... I would not be concerned about it.

  • Welcome to the forum. Pictures please! 🙂

    Yeah, some take longer to grow back. Actually even my Rotties took a while.

  • I think that unless the dog is of a breed that has a continuous grow coat, it will take awhile. Our huskies would take a long time too.

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