• …I swear.

    Sooo this morning I am hanging around the house and Indy leaves the room and I immediately hear the sound of plastic tapping against plastic. Since his ears are VERY good and I am curious I tiptoe to the edge of the wall and peer around the corner to see what he is doing. What I see is a little basenji holding my Snowboarding helmet in his mouth trotting out of the other room. As soon as he sees me he gingerly places the helmet down opens his mouth trying to be very sly and looks around for another toy like...I didn't do it look what happened.

    Um...dude I saw it...really I don't believe that the helmet walked over to the door by itself and then jumped into your mouth.

    But it was cute.

  • Classic! At least yours is smart enough to put it down. Mine just runs as fast as he can to get away from the scene of the crime with the evidence.

  • Funny, thanks for the smile this morning.

  • Too funny 😃 – I just love it when they do things they know they shouldn't and then get the "what me" looks on their faces.

  • Ruby will stand by the item on the floor and then turn and look at Brando as if to say…don't look at me...he did it. However, in 90% of the cases in my house she's right. She just wants to tattle on him. Pretty funny. 😃

  • Lol my parents Schnauzer does that. He is 13yrs old and is a basically good dog…when Indy came to visit the first time he was little and of course went all over the house.

    Then again he came over and went less but still a lot in the house. Since DH and I have a <1000sqft apt we figured the house was just too much responsibility for him so we started blocking off areas. And this was ok but we would still find presents of various kinds around the house. I just couldn't figure it out he NEVER does this at home and it was like 3x a day so not an accident.

    Lo and behold the last time we were there Apollo (my parents dog) takes one look at Indy when we walk in, walks right in front of me and pees on my desk...and Indy is standing there looking at me like SEE I didn't do it.

    Unfortunately for him this morning there was no one to blame. Te he he

  • My Mickii will "tattle" on the rest when something happens that should not…. Of course it is a way of saying... "Not me" "But look what they did"... she will yodel her head off....

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