• sorry I went poof for about a week or so
    had an issuse with my roommate
    I had been planing to move out, as some of you know
    and I arranged to have the big furniture moved so it would be easier
    when I actually moved out, plus my mom had the room

    well my friends show up with their jeep and we pack up the bed, Bindi and my cat; Duo, I wanted the animals to have a night at my mom's to see how they would do, I said this before taking them
    I told her, 'I'm taking Bindi to my mom's for the night to see how she does, we're having a sleep over' and I packed up my bed

    so, she flipped! she ran out of the house, not before she could list off things to tell me to her son (my coworker and other roommate) and I didn't see her again
    Max, her son, walks in while we're taking the bed apart to move it, says 'we need the key back,'
    I was confused and just baffled by this act, why take the key? I still live there until April… not wanting to cause a big fuss, I hand it over, trying to look like a civil person but not with out a weary look and a big drawn out 'oh kay.....' and he says, 'call us before you come over from now on'

    so we unload the bed and I'm stuck at my mom's house with a dog, a cat and a bed that has been taken apart
    no clothes, no food, nothing seeing as I am no long able to get into 'my house I live in'

    I go over it with my mom and she says I've just been evicted and don't owe them squat and I should get all of my stuff out tomorrow and talk to them about the money they are also demanding from me

    so I talk to Max the next day and I'm like 'um, so why did you kick me out last night? as you can see I'm still in my clothes from yesterday and unwashed, I only moved my bed and my animals because I wouldn't get another chance until after I moved out in April, and by the looks of it, your having a hard time dealing with Bindi, I thought it only a favor to let her stay at my mom's until I moved out'

    he looked shocked, honestly shocked, like he had no clue what I was doing and with out his mom to tell him what to do, she just starred at me
    'I thought you were leaving last night, we needed the key if you weren't coming back' I looked at him shocked this time and said, 'my stuff is still here....why would I leave it?' so long story short, I did move out, but only because I was kicked out too early and I would only pay for the days I lived there, which ended that day

    so now I'm at mom's with a happy puppy who loves her new big yard and new big dog friends and I'm loving the free space myself, no one bothers me and I am welcome to engage in conversation and not to, if I so choose ❤
    I also just got the internet cables strung in my room so that took some time too

    but now I'm back and we're all happy!


  • It sounds like you guys had some serious misunderstandings. Hopefully after it all blows over, you can be friends again. Sounds like a really f'ed up living situation. It's very important to pick roommates carefully. Some types of people can be your best friends until you live with them, and then you realize that they were a lot more likable when you didn't see them every day. But, at least you're out now. Welcome back.

  • I'm glad your back at your mom's-with happy dog & cat and less stress.

  • wow, what a story….glad you dont have to deal with that stress anymore....a puppy is enough!!

  • indeed, thanks everyone! I'm just so happy I can finally have Bindi time :3
    she's been going outside everyday, I catch her as she looks like she's about to, she even goes to the door on her own now and whines a little ❤ yay!
    unlike before she's just go where ever because the other dogs did, she's got bigger dogs to play with now who are way better behaved
    she's got tones of room, her own toys, and she can just chill if she wants

    I'm still braking her of going on the couch, she mostly does it when I leave the room to get food or go to the bathroom, same with the bed
    it's mostly my fault because I left something where she can get it or the cat jumps up to get away from her lol they are so cute together


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