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Re: Pooping behavior

So, we have had our Ginger for about 7 mos now and we are curious about some things.
1st - she absolutely loves peeing in a bush. I mean she will crawl right up into it and then relieve herself. This doesn't happen every time, only about 85% of the time. Is this normal for this breed?
2nd - she will squat-walk while she is going #2. She will never just squat in one place. Is this normal?
3rd - if it is raining out, she will hold everything in until she can't. We do try to take her out in just a mist, and it is a struggle. Only when she can't hold it anymore will she go out, and it is only to pee. She refuses to walk to her pooping ground. Living in the Pac NW, rain can be continuous for 1 - 2 days. This concerns us. Is this normal?
4th - we have her on a gluten and grain free diet, would this be the reason why she doesn't have to poop as often? I have noticed that if we feed her a bit of dinner scraps (not a lot by any means), she also seems to have a bit of a looser pooh and will pooh 3 - 4 times in one walk.
Any info from experienced owners or noobs like me would be appreciated.

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Hello all,

I am new here and have a question.

Recently adopted, what we assume to be a 4 yr old Basenji, and had her spayed back in Oct 2016. Her previous owners didn't want her anymore and failed to get that done and also correct her umbilical hernia.

My concern is that her hair has not grown back very much since then. Maybe a 1/4 inch since then. Is this typical? Should I be worried? I do have a vet appointment in Feb for a health check, but am curious.

A few details: I am in the Pacific NW, I have a 14.5 yr old cat as well, and she is absolutely spoiled with high quality food and treats.

Any help would be appreciated.

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