Adopted from the street she a Basenji mix?

  • pics are from 3 to 5 months old puppy 0_1478040814768_14433205_10210638754346250_2448194194674725471_n.jpg 0_1478040860643_14590247_10210756807257499_5337217030792434098_n.jpg 0_1478040880164_14883641_10211009003322243_8575258048890396571_o.jpg

  • @Nino87 Well ~ she sure is a cute little girl! All I'm seeing at the moment that reminds me of Basenji are that all 4 feet are white! Looks like she's getting some wrinkles in her for-head but a lot of dogs have wrinkled for-heads! In my opinion, she "might" have a few drops of Basenji in her!! There will be others in this forum that will be able to tell you more about that sweet puppy! Lot's of love, petting, grooming, kisses, talking to her or singing, good food ... that's all they want & it's the best thing they can get ~ especially love!!

  • Her mannerisms may tell you more than her looks. Certainly her colouring fits. More details would be useful, e.g. does she bark or make other vocalizations? Does she clean herself in a catlike way? Basenjis have some unique traits you don't usually see in other breeds.

  • Very cute.. basenji-esque. But yeah, vocalizations?

  • Hi folks...sorry it took me this long to reply.
    She barks the boof boof style and barks are very rare..and has a long tail(with white spot on top), not lifted like a pure Basenji .
    Super fast..keeps up with a whipet in a dog park, seems like she cant get tired at a dog park.
    likes people and other dogs very much, licks her paws and streches like a cat...scoping every move i make, looks every single person in the face when we walk
    this is her now!!0_1512601958176_24946495_10214928237100638_1607484654_o.jpg 0_1512601966991_24946169_10214928060616226_1620534133_o.jpg 0_1512601973327_24067947_10214865951063526_1877520365654077501_n.jpg

  • I do think she looks like she has Basenji blood. A DNA test might prove interesting.....sure is a nice looking girl!

  • Whatever she is mixed with, she'a adorable!

  • Sounds like part B to me - anyways, a cute girl and a lot of fun. Enjoy!

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