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Hi folks...sorry it took me this long to reply.
She barks the boof boof style and barks are very rare..and has a long tail(with white spot on top), not lifted like a pure Basenji .
Super fast..keeps up with a whipet in a dog park, seems like she cant get tired at a dog park.
likes people and other dogs very much, licks her paws and streches like a cat...scoping every move i make, looks every single person in the face when we walk
this is her now!!0_1512601958176_24946495_10214928237100638_1607484654_o.jpg 0_1512601966991_24946169_10214928060616226_1620534133_o.jpg 0_1512601973327_24067947_10214865951063526_1877520365654077501_n.jpg

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pics are from 3 to 5 months old puppy 0_1478040814768_14433205_10210638754346250_2448194194674725471_n.jpg 0_1478040860643_14590247_10210756807257499_5337217030792434098_n.jpg 0_1478040880164_14883641_10211009003322243_8575258048890396571_o.jpg

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