Freshly Spayed and want advice

  • Pumpkin is almost 9 mo old now, and she has just return from being spayed today. She is currently resting peacefully, and was so happy to see us at the vet. Here is my question. The vet says she should be kept quiet and inactive for TWO WEEKS!?! On a normal day (most every day). She gets 3-4 walks (one long 30-45 mins and the others are what we call 10 min "walk abouts"). She also goes to the off leash dog park every day and runs herself silly. She ALSO plays a rousing game of "catch me if you can" every evening in our yard with our son. All this and she is still looking for action all the time. How in the world am I supposed to keep this girl "quiet and inactive" without sedating her? She will most likely destroy the house without her daily exercise. Any suggestions, and advice is appreciated.

  • Take her on leash and let her sniff at everything she wants, to engage her brain - this will tire her also. Keep her away from other dogs as much as possible. Just a question: why did you have her spayed so young? Did you have her spayed in between heats?

  • Two weeks seems excessive to me. Just use common sense. No off leash, dog parks, boisterous playing. On leash walking should be fine. I never had any issues with the two bitches I had spayed. They did both sleep with me, so I knew they weren't chewing at their stitches at night.

  • @PumkinFlack They are smart enough not to over do.... with mine I really most let them lead the way.... and IMO, 2 weeks is excessive. I would stay away from the dog park (but then again, I don't believe in dog park, nor do I go to them).... and they can still play, just not over do or too rough because you don't want the stitches to tear. Also, I do not use pain meds... let them feel pain when they over do.... then they will be more careful. At least all my girls were like this...

  • My 2 boys basenjis Ra & Shango, will be 8 and My queen, Belle, will be 9, Ive learned that a tired basenji is not a mischievous one. I take them to dog parks for the fast running they like to do, chasing is good for them, they are still playful and active, dog parks give them the smelling and running action they need to be healthy, and happy.
    Ive only had one incident that I stayed out of and the basenjis handled themselves, no injury, the humans was mad because his tough dog , cowered to my 3, but his dog was aggressive and hurting other dogs and the basenj's went to the rescue. They show me when its time for them to go, and fall asleep are snuggled in a pile. than home, and they are very chilled, my pack likes to stay outside, it a tropic jungle and they love it.

    Everyone is different in caring for they B.s, but with three I have a bit of advice under my belt.

  • that does seem excessive, Id take her on a leash walk a few times a day, not long walks, shes had surgery. if she is wearing a cone to prevent her from licking her stitches out, shell need a walk or two, If your giving her pain meds, ( shich I did for mine) shes be kind loopy ) The stiches will bother her, Basenjis like to chew, and groom, I had to isolate mine because of the licking each other, and concern.. It will be fine, some vets are just over protective,

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