harness vs. collar...

so my boys use puppia mesh harnesses (real soft) but my boy Milosh gets very startled at any popping noise ( motorcycle fire works pop etc...) hes gotten bettre but he once managed to escape the harness ( iam alsways 2 steps ahead so i catch him before he reacts) that said i notice many basenjis have collars= do they work better on keeping them safe?

I really like martingale hound collars. Because they are wide they are unlikely to injure the neck if the dog pulls, and because they are martingale collars the dog is unlikely to back out of them.

@eeeefarm Agree about the martingale type collars.... but make sure that they fit proper. When they pull, the collar should close tightly around the neck to prevent backing out

I also prefer martingales, had always used thinner ones, though. Recently I got a handmade one that I simply love. I'll try to find the link.

But Leora's Samoyed pup came with a white pine martingale. I am really in love with it. Wide enough to not "choke" but not so wide that you don't have good control and tightness. http://www.whitepineoutfitters.com/

Because he is special needs, we have harnesses for him. I have never had a dog come out of a harness, so I am not sure if your fitting is off or what. With fosters, several needed harnesses (Rottweilers and Chows), Chows are awful about backing out of collars, not easy in a harness.

He is special needs guidance instrument if you are coaching your beag not to pull. They are the simply dog collars I determination use on a walk for the reason that I am fearful about them slipping/contravention standard collars!.

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