• Let me explain first that the harness has not yet been made that Butu can't get out of…he is in a Julius-K9 at the moment, but it has to be doubled up with a lead....bearing this in mind, can anyone recommend a secure harness for the new puppy? I am asking this in plenty of time, as I live in the UK, so shipping might take a while. Or could I get away with a travel crate in the back seat - I'm worried about her bouncing around in it....
    For anyone that would like to know about how Butu gets out of his harness, he rears up on his hind legs and sort of hunches his shoulders. The harness comes off complete. I should have named him Houdini...

  • Have you tried hurtta?? I use it and oak can't slip it..I use the Y harness…the other he can slip on occasion

  • Did a quick google search. Apparently there are harnesses which have a third strap that goes around the belly area, like the Ruffwear Web Master harness. I've never tried any of them, but they may work for your boy.

  • Thank you both very much! I do like the look of the Ruffwear Web Master, because there are lots of reviews from people describing their dogs as 'Houdini' dogs, and also lots from people with dogs with deep chests and small waists. I think that I will get one for Butu, and, if it works, get one for New Puppy. I'll let you know how I get on!

  • Have you tried the "Whoa dog Whoa" harness? THE best in my opinion for basenjis.


  • @pacificNWbasenji:

    Have you tried the "Whoa dog Whoa" harness? THE best in my opinion for basenjis.


    These are great with one exception….. takes about 30 seconds for a Basenji to bite through the nylon!

  • It looks very nice, but I would have to email to find if they ship to the UK - it does also look quite similar to some that Butu manages to slip. Thanks anyway!

  • My dogs wear a martingale collar with their harnesses. I snap the leash onto the ring for the martingale and the harness (I use front clip harnesses) - that way if they ever happen to slip the harness, they are still attached with the no-slip martingale collar.

  • Oh yes, I have done that with Butu too, but if you do that in the car (he is clipped to the seatbelt), he manages to wind himself up in all three…hence an escape-proof harness for use in the car...

  • I was thinking i was the only one picky at time to buy leashes but im not! 🙂 sorry that you have all that troubles anyway

  • I use an Y-harness (fleece padded). It's a cheap old one I used for my flat coated retriever as a puppy.

    But if he's a true escape artist, maybe you should get a WebMaster harness from RuffWear?

  • After read these post i conclude the best harness is the leather ones. And i find 2 on her size. Still dont take to the street but looks secure and confort.

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