• I know this has been discussed before…I really need help deciding on the best collar and/or harness for Lillie. I have tried many collars and harnesses because every once in a while (when she spots a cat or squirrel) she wiggles herself out of her harness. Unfortunately, she has gotten loose a couple of times which we all know is extremely scary. I know the martingale collar has been discussed before. There are no pet stores in my borough that sells martingale collars so it is difficult for me to choose what is the best one. Does anyone has any suggestions for me? I need a collar and/or harness that Lillie cannot wiggle out of. I appreciate any help.

  • You can go to www.Majesticcollars.com and get one made. You can send her an email and she will probably make it to your specifications. I bought one for my B, Sahara and it is absoutely beautiful. She does an excellent job and sends it on its way rather quickly. Tell her Charie sent you!

  • I got one made for Ruby from Around the Hounds…it is absolutely gorgeous and really well made. http://www.aroundthehounds.com/c237431.2.html

    I sent measurements to them to double check on the size. They were really nice and helpful, it took about 3 weeks (they were out of town for a week) from the day I placed the order.

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