• What is the best no escape harness?

  • One that fits properly and cannot be chewed off. Anything with skinny straps is a waste of money.

  • We are in the UK and use a Perfect Fit harness that was recommended as no escape.


  • The best is no harness at all. A martingale collar is pretty escape proof, but as mentioned Basenjis can chew. The leash is generally the target of choice and a determined dog can deal with it quickly when your back is turned! Personally I am not impressed with harnesses in general, because you have no control over the dog's head, and from watching people using them there seems to be a lot of difficulty controlling a determined dog, no matter how much the ads say they don't pull on them. Yes, they do!

  • @eeeefarm I have noticed that it's much easier to control the head with a collar. We use the harness to give our dog's throat a rest when we know it's going to be very difficult to stop her pulling e.g walking with another family in a country park surrounded by squirrels!

  • @JKent, I had a wide sighthound martingale collar for Perry, 3.25" across his throat, so I didn't worry about any injury if he should pull on it. Back in the day, we used to use thin chain choke collars (still used in the breed show ring, I believe) and somehow the dogs survived! It was the standard for obedience classes, likely still is. Harnesses can also be problematic depending on how they fit. Once upon a time the only situation where a dog would wear a harness was to pull a sled or for tracking.

  • be forewarned with collars-domestic dog puppies will get tangled up with an attached leash or rope and struggle but will 'give up' and wait for rescue. basenjis are more adult dog like and well fight until they hang themselves or escape

  • @mister-science, under what circumstances do you envision that scenario happening? Most of us are at the other end of that leash.

  • @jkent Thank you so much. I will check it out.

  • I don't like harnesses. I read something recently that putting them on too young a puppy can do nasty things to their shoulder formation as they grow.

    MUCH better to use a Gentle Leader as a training tool or as @eeeefarm suggests, a martingale collar. That way you control the head of your dog and can train it properly.

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