• We are SO LOVING this!!! After two years of an almost completely silent Jazzy –except for the occasional short grrr when we come home, and the disturbingly frequent Tasmanian devil sounds at the other dogs --- we FINALLY have a Ba-roo-er!!!

    Not a lot -- but at least four times in the two weeks we've had him, so we are tickled pink. This morning, twice he let out long beautiful baroos that resounded through the house. We hope he keeps it up and does it more!

  • Congrats!!! There's nothing like a good Barooooooo!

  • Isn't it wonderful! Our first two were silent…and then our third (the perfect Blondie!) is a true yodeler! She will do it on request if the situation is right (she gets stage fright). Even when she doesn't feel the mood, and you ask her she will force a stifled attempt. Sometimes when she is feeling the mood, she will yodel loud enough to hurt your ears .....I just adore her! Can you tell? Bella also yodels, but not on request. She has a loud LOUD clear baroo that sounds like a rooster. When she is really happy, it gets higher pitched. And then recently the puppy has uttered a few tiny baroos!

  • Our oldest is also nearly silent and has only Barooed twice in his entire life and both times seemed to surprise him. Rally has always been a yodeler. When I would call Robyn to make arrangements to come pick her up I could hear her yodeling in the background. She has a beautiful voice and Sam can usually encourage her to sing. When she was pregnant with the first litter Sam had her yodeling everyday hoping it would help make the puppies yodelers. At first only the boys barooed but eventually Rio started joining in on their yodeling contests. Now at 2 years old Rio is the most vocal of the puppies followed by Cole then Ramses and Heart is quiet like her Uncle Nicky. With Rally's most current litter, I knew I had made the right choice in when everytime I would call Bev to talk about the arrangements for Cole I would hear his sister On Rai singing just like Rally did every time I talked to Robyn. All 3 of the puppies were yodelers. They all have beautiful voices. I am not sure how much the boys yodel right now but Sophie loves to sing. Last week Rio's obedience class had a relay race. I had Sophie out for her class and she just yodeled and yodeled like she was cheering on the contestants. It was very distracting for her sister who usually joins in but also knew she was supposed to be working.

  • <<when she="" was="" pregnant="" with="" the="" first="" litter="" sam="" had="" her="" yodeling="" everyday="" hoping="" it="" would="" help="" make="" puppies="" yodelers="">>

    I love that! How adorable!</when>

  • I just bought my husband the Nelly Furtado CD and Zuri Barooooos to the song 'all good things come to an end' It is comical. She just stops whatever she is doing and Baroooooo it is. Otherwise she isn't too vocal which I enjoy since our last Pom mix was such a barker.

    Love this breed for sooooo many reasons!!!

  • My Shelby is a mix so she barks but when she sees another dog, it's like she's talking or trying to sing. The sounds are incredible and I've never heard a dog do this. It's like ah-roooooo ah-roo, ah-rooooooo. So Funny! We say she talks alot because she's a girl.

  • Congrats, that must be great to hear! Nala is nearly silent, except for the occasional "BAROO", and there's no rhyme or reason for it. The only time we can guarantee one is if we leave her in the yard and head out without her for a walk. We can hear it from at least a half a mile away!

  • My husband heard our Jojo's first barooo for us but I yet to hear her. She woowoo's quite a bit..

  • Speaking of Bs speaking! My Ziggy did his first baroo just this morning while in a "sit" and waiting for his breakfast (six weeks after I adopted him). The breeder said that as he got comfortable with his new home he'd probably start talking! ~ Lori ~

  • One of ours does it more than the others. We actually noticed he does it much more with a toy in his mouth.

  • I know how excited you must be!!! WOW - finally a little vocal, huh? Hollie is a barrooooooer. We call it her "happy" noise. She does it when one of us comes home or when someone she really really likes comes to visit. She will also do it at the park or during playdates. A sign of a very happy Hollie!!!

  • Zahra makes this sound that reminds me of a chimp, I don't even know how to type the noise. She makes the noise when we are getting off the exit ramp to the dog park and as we get closer to the dog park. She also makes this noise when she hasn't seen my husband in a while.

    Today I took them to Doggie Day Care put picked them up early, I was having a bad day and all I could hear was Zahra making these noises as they went back to get her and Chase from the yard. I can't explain to you guys how good that made me feel, I almost cried!

  • Daisy's noise reminds me a bike horn - the kind you squeeze the rubber bulb? Imagine squeezing it lightly with little horn sound. Chimps kind of make that of sound too - I think. Daisy does it when she's excited - happy and playful.

  • Capt. Jack has become more and more vocal thru the months! Now he baroos at LEAST once a day but usually way more…Sometimes my husband gets frustrated when Jack gets excited and baroos several LONG loud ones in a row and tells him to get quiet, but then the Alfa Female (ME) bites the Alfa Male (Hubby) because i LOVE LOVE it when Jack yodels and i want him to do it as much as possible, LOL...now, on the other hand when he's outside and we leave, Jack cries (whines) for a bit, esp. if hes outside and we are in the other yard doing lawn work...he hates that he can see us but cant be next to us, hubby gets frustrated with the whining, so do i...he can get pretty loud. BUT its not too bad, He usually only does it for about 10 minutes and then settles down...I hope when the baby is FINALLY born (i was due on the 14th) That Jack doesnt Baroo and wake him lol...cant wait until that happens, Dh isnt going to be too happy, LOL...but Basenjis will be Basenjis!!! hahaa

  • Capt_Jack_our_Basenji, The baby has been listening to Jack baroo as long as you have. Odds are the baby will sleep right through it most of the time.

  • Thats a good point, lol…probaby might be a conforting thing for the baby actually!! hehee

  • I get a baroo when I come home from work and if I'm ignoring her and she wants my attention. NOBODY gets a baroo like when my father-in-law comes to visit…what can I say, my dog's a big flirt! 🙂

  • Our 4-yr old tri male, Buddy, is one of those silent B's that seem to have been born without vocal chords at all. However, we were astonished to hear him baroo a few weeks ago in response to our daughter's viola practicing. I think she's wearing out the viola bow trying to get him to baroo more frequently now:D

  • Kane yodeled all the time. Whenever he saw me he'd yodel, and sometimes he'd go right up to my grandpa, look him in the eye and say "barloooorOOOolrooOooroorlooo" (I know there were lots of "L"s in his yodel.)
    And my grandpa would say something like "no swearing in this house young man!"

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