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Thank You for alowing myself to join. My name is Denise LeBlonc-Soderberg and I've been showing dogs since 1979. I've been a breeder of Field Spaniels for years and have "dabbled" in other co-bred breeds. I've helped my friend Lynn Arrand for years and have enjoyed her Basenjis. I've considered one but just never happened. Two years ago I met the love of my life who was very interested in Basenjis. So when Lynn came to the Soo show May 2012 I told her we would be looking at getting a puppy. As it happens, she just had a female returned due to a death in the family. Lynn suggested we take Kimba home to see how she fit in. Well…she never left. Kimba is a Canadian champion and we will go for her AKC next year. This fall we will be breeding her for our first litter.

Wonderful and welcome.
Any pictures?

Hi and welcome! And yes, pictures? Registered name?

Welcome… yes we must have pictures! 🙂

Welcome, how nice that Kimba fitted in so well, and as above we all love pictures to oooh and aaahhhh over, seems like Basenji owners can't get enough of Basenji.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Congratulations on your new family member! Lynn and Dennis are great people, glad they had a dog who was fated to be yours!

and the Illusion Pack in Texas

Congrats on Kimba. I'm soo glad she found a new home. She's was a cute girl caught in an unfortunate situation. Lynn and Dennis are very nice people.

First Basenji's

Yes, welcome and congratulations on your Kimba! can't wait to see pictures!

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