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It almost looks like he's going werewolf! LOL - very cute!

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I can't see the photos 😕 , is it normal, what should I do?

Hmm, they showed up when I posted them…if it's showing the links instead, try clicking on those. Worked for me when I tried them out! 🙂

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Beautiful dogs, and I LOVE the dashboard picture!!

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Here's my b-boy, Indie, lounging in the sun…

And in his yellow hoodie for the rare cold-but-not-too-cold night in Florida…

And snoozing near his BRAT foster brother, Radar, an absolute sweetheart who came into my care from a negligent situation and seems so happy to just have a sunbeam and a companion.


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Hi everybody! My name is Kristen and I'm currently in central Florida. I have a nice menagerie around here, with my husband, basenji boy and three chinchillas.

My basenji, Independent (Indie for short), just turned 6 yrs old and has been a part of our family for 2 years now. He was a rescue from a local shelter, and the reason that I became involved in Basenji Rescue and Transport. Working with some wonderful mentors, I am now a Purebred Placement Coordinator with BRAT and loving every minute of it! There's nothing like the feeling one gets when you make an actual difference for a dog needing aid.

My chinchillas are Snickers (f), Chubby (m) and Chili (f), and all three are rescues as well. Indie gets along perfectly with them; he and Snickers spend lengths of time nosing each other through the chin cage's bars. 🙂

I'll go post a picture or three in the picture bragging thread…and can't wait to see everyone else's pics as well!

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