Had no idea we know what she is now!!

  • Sophia has been a hand full both with health and mannerisms had no idea she was a besanji, cool. It explains so much!! Everyone have a wonderful day. So glad someone can help us to understand her better now!!!:rolleyes:

  • What health problems? That can cause behavior problems in itself.

  • intestianal, diahria and vomiting, face loosing hair and bumps, she is on sensitive stomach food and occasionally yogurt with food and in the extreme meds. from vet. She keeps us on our toes.

  • Also she is only about a year old and was found by someone and we took her in as they could not keep her. Is up to date on shots, etc.

  • Bumps? Like allergic reaction were the bumps go away and pop up again? I'm not a vet so I don't want to make guesses here. Those kind of symptoms could be serious! What did the vet say it was exactly? If the meds are not handling it better get a full blood work up done. You should get the blood work done anyway immediately.

  • Vet said was a mite that some breeds have trouble with and she will grow out of being sensitive to it. We have a dip we have to do. We have applied once already and will again in a week from now or every two weeks as instructed and she has a recheck in a couple of weeks. As I understand some of the posts here there are some specificate tests I should request?

  • Welcome to the forum! We love pictures here..
    It sure sounds like your pup could have a food allergy. You can try an allergy (blood/scratch) test to find out for what things she is allergic.

  • Most all breed and mutts have problem with mites… and depending on the type of mite, it is was most likely give to her by her mother..... and honestly... if it is, she will not grow out of it.... Did they give you the name of the mite? There is Demodex skin mites and Sarcoptic Mites (both called mange) Here is a link: http://www.thepetcenter.com/exa/mites.html

    A full blood panel would be good to start with…

    And as far as her other problems, this is not just a Basenji thing... and usually it is due to poor breeding. Do you have a picture of her to post?

    And if she is a Basenji then one test you should consider is DNA test for Fanconi, you can learn about it at www.basenjihealth.org

  • Yes I will post a pic for you to see, She is actually wonderfully healthy all things considered.

  • @sophia:

    Yes I will post a pic for you to see, She is actually wonderfully healthy all things considered.

    With all that you stated, she doesn't sound too healthy?

  • I mean as far as playfullness and size 24lbs. coat is nice and shiny. She just seems to have eating problems for no apparent reason. She will go along time in between these episodes. Did not know if it was just the breed of dog or should we be on the look out for other issues. She is a wonderful dog though sometimes a challenge and very smart we love her dearly!!

  • IMO it would not be "just the breed of dog". I would look for the underlying reason

  • I am sure most would be interested to see her, as 24# for a one year old isn't on the lighter side, especially if she isn't a good eater.

    I'll agree with Pat, mites aren't something a basenji is 'prone' to… just what you get with an ill-bred dog or one that was 'dumped'.

    Best of luck with her and do you and her a favor and get her fanconi tested...

  • There is a reason behind the eating problems/episodes. Like I said in my earlier post that health issues can lead to difficult behavior. When the dog is feeling bad it will be hard to deal with just like if you were sick. To start make an appt right away with the vet and get the blood work done. I'm surprised the vet didn't suggest this. Dogs pick up bad stuff when they're at the pound/shelter.

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