Expensive Distructive Behaviour

Ok everyone i need help. My 4yr old Basenji cant get enough of ripping/destroying his bedding. I always wash them, spray them and even roll around on them to put my scent on them….and nothing helps. One night on them and its gone. He will rip them shreds. Its not only annoying but expensive.

Both basenjis get lot of play, activity and excercise.

Any help would be appreciated


Been there done that.My dog Kaiser has destroyed all the beds that had stuffing in them and now we use polar fleece blankets which are cheap to buy, quick to wash and dry so don't worry if he decides to chew on them, which he hasn't really wanted to and when he did as a pup I just locked it in the crate. Have tried stuffed beds, bean bag beds, flat mat beds and sheepskin so gave up. The blankets are also nice to crawl under when it gets cold.
You think they would love to have the nice soft comfy bed you buy them but no it's only good for de-stuffing as if it's a toy. We just use layers of blanket to make it softer for him and he's fine.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Most of the Basenjis I have owned will destroy bedding if they are locked in a crate with it. I learned to use something disposable…...newspaper or similar......a long time ago if I need bedding for a crate.

But I learned my lesson, and seldom use a crate anymore. My Basenjis almost always sleep with me and therefore never destroy bedding or anything else at night. 🙂 Best solution I know.

We use fleece in all sizes and huge quantities - indeed cheap and versatile; our whole house is covered with it, as are the backseats of our car…
Lela would ripp a sheep skin to pieces, but fleece is safe from her teeth. Maybe try to create a pile of fleece that he can arrange to his taste.

LOL at eeeefarm… yeah mine sleep with me, but when we go out and Arwen is crated, she shreds. I just have lots of old towels. You can buy them for a buck or less each at places like flea markets and thrift shops so it's cheap. I need to video her as she goes WILD shredding as we come in the door as if to say "THIS is what I think of being in a crate!"

However, I have friends with BIG destructive dogs who swear by primo pads. http://primopads.com/

After we started letting the 3 Terorists sleep in the bed with us they stopped shredding their beds during the day. Attached is a pic of the 3 in their matching dog beds, they have had them, intact, fot almost a year now.

Becca used to shred blankets when she was in her crate too, but she has a little bit of separation anxiety. Once I got my male and we moved to an acreage now they aren't crated but are baby gated in the porch with a doggy door they don't shred blankets anymore. I did use a lot of old towels like Debra as they are fairly inexpensive. Now they can be half trusted with a few blankets and a Costco bed.

Well, i have crate for each one of them in one room and they sleep/rest in their. The crates are never closed….i guess its time to buy blankets or towels in bulk and see what happens.

they dont get to sleep with cause the 12yr old female gets very possessive and pees and also insists on my wife not sleeping in the same bed....lol

Just be careful of one thing: my Oakley (having just had surgery for his incessant dietary indiscretion) eats cotton or cloth material, fleece blankets he won't but actual bath towels he will shred and eat…while I doubt many dogs would go that far, if yours has a liking to cloth materials then I'd suggest supervision or nothing when not home....safety trumps comfort...

Luckily (in my case) oakley finally stopped shredding his beds (out current bed is a year old and probably the 17th bed in his first year and a half...and he stopped shredding blankets...hope for you it's a habit that can be outgrown!!

Been there,done that!!

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