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    So ive noticed that whenever we go anywhere and take Hope with us she is fine with people (she always gets pats, talked to etc from strangers) and is completly fine with it. I even get kids come up and usually ask to pat her and shes fine and then i also get the random kids that do not know any better that come up and just pat her on the head without even asking (thankfully we done alot of socialisation when she was young with nieces and nephews).

    She has no issues with anyone entering our yard, while we are there

    The problem: She has issues with people (including family) entering the yard while we're NOT there. These would be considered "flighty" issues and not Fight (thats what we use in horse terminology when a horse would rather run then stand and fight).

    For example: She got stung by a bee and i had work so i had my BROTHER go over and check on her (now shes met my brother many times). She SCREAMED the neighbourhood down (to the point that the neighbour came out) when my brother tried to touch her and threatened to jump off the verenda until he backed off. The neighbour (an older lady that Hope likes to watch her over the fence from the verenda) ended up having to come around and settle her down (even though shes never met this lady).

    So at first i thought she might have had a male issue.

    She repeated this again with my partners parents when they came around and waited for us to get home and she screamed and threatened to jump off the verenda again rather than go down the stairs.

    So then a few months later i had to go away for a while and i had my friend (a girl) come around and house/pet sit. I told her to sit on the lawn and to ignore her until she came over and asked for pats/play. She was standoffish until she was being ignored by that person and then she wanted the attention. My mum and sister (whom she sees regularly too) also popped in on her while i was away and she was standoffish too until they sat down and ignored her, then she became interested.

    Just yesterday i had my partners Mum and her Grand-daughter come around (now my partners Mum comes around a couple of times a week, we also take her out to their place to visit) to drop some stuff off while we were at work and they went to touch her again and she screamed bloody murder again.

    is there a reason shes doing this? is she really scared of them?

    what can i do to fix this? as i do not want this to turn into aggression.

    when either of us are home she is fine and bouncy and will go up to anyone that comes in that gate and she will be all over them asking for cuddles and attention. She is perfect when out and about and has all sorts of people touch her. Its just while we are not there in our yard.

    i dont think its male orientated as she has done it both to males and females.

    Anyone that has to visit our house while we are not there i have just been telling them to ignore her until she comes to them. Should i just continue this?

    Any ideas?

  • First Basenji's

    Well, it sounds like you are on the right track in what you are doing-asking people to ignore her until she feels ready for the new person interaction, not threatened, and on her terms. She is a little insecure (not bad, I have a hound dog that will do the same thing if I am not there, otherwise she will lick you like you are part of the pack/family) She needs to have interactions slowly and on her terms and in time will possibly improve with maturity and self-confidence. She depends on you and your partner as protectors of her pack, and when she is ALONE, she is defensive. NORMAL to some degree. Maybe the next controlled situations where you have people over, instruct them to ignore her with not eye contact, no talk, no touch, and throw a treat. You both have to ignore her as well, let her gain confidence. The very fact that this person is here lets her know all is well. Leave the room, come back. In time she will accept. Now, mind you this is being typed without being there and observing the whole context. Hope this helps…..Deb

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