• I see the U. S. NRG site is still down. You might find the information you want on the Canadian site: http://www.nrgpetproducts.com/

  • Ziwipeak is expensive, but it seems excellent (no poop problems so far…) and is air dried. My pet shop has some Ziwipeak discount coupons coming soon, and have promised to put some aside for me. It is 33% protein, though...

  • Chealsie, I met someone today who feeds a mixture of Fromm & NRG. He said his dogs suffered from food allergies, and he was switching them from the dry Fromm to the NRG… but when he added the NRG, the allergies subsided. He decided to keep them on the Fromm/NRG combo, and after a week or so, the allergies went away. He went back to just Fromm to save some money, and the allergies returned! So maybe combining the two gives just the right amount of protein and mix of ingredients? Or maybe it was a fluke and wouldn't work for Oakley, but I thought I'd pass it along. Hope he's feeling better!

  • That gives me some hope…oakleys allergies are with the prescription diet (the I/D diet) which is littered with grain and Oakley has an intolerance to grain, unlike an allergy..his intolerance builds if he has has constant exposure and symptoms start and get worse with time. He has always done fine with the Fromms; including the limited grain versions. After the surgery and after the bland diet he just couldn't tolerate fromms which was so sad for me, I tried multiple times to reintroduce but I think he needs time. I have researched and discussed with the vet and have chosen a food. Because transitioning (measurements and such) would be more difficult to do with adding a frozen or dehydrated mix we have decided to first try a dry food. I have chosen orijen regional red, my one and only concern was that I've heard many dogs who don't have stool problems tend to get soft on this food but its a great food and my vet seems to think protein content isn't a factor but perhaps that fromms has a good amount of carbohydrates. I started his transition yesterday and its a very slow process, literally kibbles at a time. Also, to help aid in a healthy transition with the best possible chance of a good outcome I am giving one-two teaspoons of pumpkin a day as well as the fortiflora probiotic daily. He started the fortiflora and pumpkin on Saturday before his switch the hopefully get him in a good place. Fingers crossed he has had three meals with the ID/Orijen and he is doing really well. His stools are firm, he isn't off track with his bathrooming schedule and I am not noticing any gas or GI upset noises. Really holding my breath but if this works I will be one happy momma. The sooner we are grain free again the soon his ears go back to normal and his coat clears up and stops eating himself; and hopefully he continues gaining weight.

    Eventually I would like to go back to fromms or at least be able to rotate a bag in with the Orijen but if he does well on Orijen it'll be at least a year before I make additions or changes.

  • First Basenji's

    I'm late to the party, and only skimmed the previous comments… but I just wanted to add that we're huge Honest Kitchen fans here. It's a great, in-between step for us between a fully raw diet and kibble. My dogs got hooked on the Zeal (fish) recipe, which we happened to order on a fantastic buy-one-get-one-free deal for the 10 pound boxes (and they loved every pound of it!). Others in our regular mix now include Embark (grain-free turkey), Force (grain-free chicken), Keen (turkey and oats), and Preference (meat-free veggie mix that allows you to add any protein you'd like, in whatever ratios you feel is appropriate).

    If high protein is a concern, you might want to try Acana, also by Champion Pet Foods, the makers of Orijen. We don't really feed Orijen anymore since they bumped the protein ratio up, but my two do very well on Acana. I do a lot of fish-based kibbles. Acana Pacifica is less expensive than Orijen Six Fish, for example... and definitely less than Ziwipeak. May be something to consider...

    Edited to add: the Honest Kitchen also has a line of natural digestive supplements called Perfect Form that's pretty easy to add to any of their dehydrated meals, and helps smooth things out on the other end.


    They offer cheap sample pouches on the site if you don't want to spring for a whole canister (they also offer sample versions of everything else). I keep a canister on hand for the occasional stomach upset, and it works pretty well for us in the months when canned pumpkin is not available…

  • We are on meal 6..of the transition; started Sunday night…he is doing well. Had a little soft stool this morning but it was to be expected as he jumped the gate to the garbage and filled himself. I was sure that he had sabotaged all my hard work to transition him bc if he got sick it would've been the end to that trial. No more pumpkin but its on hand if need be. He gets one packet of fortiflora with his night meal..he had a little gas for the first time yesterday (pre dumpster diving) and he pouted as though his tummy Hirt last night (post trash) to which I wasn't entertaining. 8 more days of transitioning as its a two week timeline...fingers crossed but all is well at the moment.

  • This morning his stool was softer than yesterday's..too soft to be good so back on the pumpkin. Could be backlash from the trash incident. Won't be increasing the new food until he gets better stool..fingers crossed

  • I see that today is your birthday, Chealsie, so I hope it's a terrific one! Is Oakley eating well for you (NOT out of the trash) as a present? 🙂

    IDK if the pumpkin helps all that much, but it doesn't hurt. Ava doesn't mind it, and it gives me a way to add water/liquid to her food. Otherwise, it's hard to get her to drink. Out of filthy puddles, yes… out of a green pond, yes... out of the toilet, from the water hose, from a discarded cup on the sidewalk,yes, yes, yes. Out of her nice clean bowl, nooooo.

  • Thanks Pamela, we are enjoying a nice day. Oakley is trying his best at good behavior…semi succeeding..lol

    His stools are still soft 😞
    Hoping to give it time since its not diarrhea..I feel like the fortiflora helps for the stool after he eats..that's always the better one. Here's to hoping the pumpkin helps because I think it would be prohibitive to use Flagyl in this process. We're working on it!

    The garbage incident was not a happy moment for me- he couldn't help himself but I was certainly mad..lol

  • Soft stools can lead to anal gland issues, so thank goodness you're spared that. It is nauseatingly awful!

    I divide the FortiFlora packet and the pumpkin serving– half in the AM, half in the PM-- and that seems to help. But really, who knows why some dogs have issues and others don't? it's trial and error, trying to find the right kind and the right balance of food and supplements. Hope Oakley continues to improve. You're both due a break!

  • Oakley does have what I call "splooge"…it's an awful smell, and it happens about five times a week. My hesitation is to have his anal glands squeezed because I know once you have it done the first time, it opens the floodgates to having to do it frequently. He could benefit from it but he doesn't seem to be in pain, and I cover my couches with sheets...he doesn't scoot so I feel ok with not having it done. That's a good idea about splitting the packet; I thought about it but didn't because the directions didn't state you could (can't see why it'd hurt)..how much pumpkin are you giving Ava?

  • First Basenji's


    Otherwise, it's hard to get her to drink. Out of filthy puddles, yes… out of a green pond, yes... out of the toilet, from the water hose, from a discarded cup on the sidewalk,yes, yes, yes. Out of her nice clean bowl, nooooo.

    Hey Ownedbyspencer….I have been introduced to Kagen water and watched many videos. I don't know about going to the extreme and buying a filter............but one of the videos hit home big time concerning our pets. Many times the water from out tap contains chlorine and flouride. With the dogs' noses being 40,000 or more sensitive to smells....{toilet water seems to throw this theory out the window or down the tubes.....! but it is 'replenished more than once a day? :)} anyway, some dogs may not like the bowl-experiment with shallower, stainless vs plastic....just an idea. Or for goodness sake, try bottled water! We do soo much for our B-critters, or, or, get an expensive porcelain and put a rose in a vase! or, or .....yikes, it is just endless isn't it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: might as well buy lobster and steak too!

  • Re: the anal gland issues. Why not just empty them yourself when you notice the dog scooting? That's what I have done for years, and it isn't hard. Get your vet or any groomer to show you. Might help you avoid an impacted anal gland (although that doesn't seem to be your current problem!). I've had a couple of dogs that tended to thick secretions, which can be mightily problematic! (and painful for the dog when you express them). I also had one dog prone to impaction that ended in an abscess. That taught me to pay attention!

  • I have a water filter on the entire house and a separate filter on the refrigerator, and I've already tried bottled water– multiple brands. And I've tried all kinds of bowls, too-- stainless, ceramic, plastic, glass, even pottery. She was fine with the bowl until recently and now she isn't! (I have not tried having a butler serve it on a silver tray to the little princess, but that's about it! Maybe she just likes to scavenge her own water?)

    Like Oakley, Ava doesn't scoot; has never scooted. She doesn't lick or show discomfort. She just leaks or dumps smelly brown fluid (is that "splooge," Chealsie?), when she's relaxed, especially on someone's lap or in the bed. The last two times I had her anal glands expressed, they weren't full. She just empties them inappropriately inside. Every day. It's frustrating. And messy.

    Sorry to hijack your thread, Chealsie, but everybody always has such helpful info and you never know what Oakley might come up with next. Oakley and Ava collect health and behaviorial issues, like Girl Scout badges! Between the two of them, they seem to have it all.

    Oh, and I give Ava a couple teaspoons of the pumpkin in the AM and PM. I add water to it to make a thick sauce or gravy and mix in her vitamins and other supplements, and she laps it right up, thank goodness. I add an omega 3 softgel in the AM to make her meal smell more appetizing, since she's not an eager morning eater. Works like a charm. So far. Has Oakley put on more weight?

  • Bottled water is not cleaner than the average tap water. Doubt it… look up legit research.
    Distilled water is of course clean and NOT recommended for drinking on regular basis. We use a heavy duty water filter (not the "removes taste and chlorine type) for us and dogs including all cooking.

    Cara got ruptured anal glands from refusing to poop in rain. They expressed her anal glands after that about 3 or 4 times, never since and it has been almost 2 yrs. If your dog needs it done while working out the right food, just do it, really. And belated happy birthday!

  • Cody would need them expressed from time to time and did abscess once. He would scoot in the house leaving fun brown stripes on the floor. @_@ Luckily Elliot has been fine so far.
    They were not a constant problem though.. my current golden retriever does have issues and when she's uncomfortable she rips the hair off her bottom.

    If we have a dog come in to the hospital with chronic issues we will offer to do an anal gland flush. The dog is sedated and the doctor literately flushes out the glands and infuses them with ointment. I hate when we have to do it because it's a huge mess!

  • One of mine scoots and licks when she needs expressing, but she rarely leaks/"splooges". My male, however, may scoot or lick, but I tend to do his at least every one to two months because he is prone to expressing them when he gets scared or startled – much like a skunk. I'd rather express his anal glands than deal with the "squirt" mess.

  • Oakley-emergency extremely glad to be able to help sugary, courageous and attractive Oakley with no matters which secure necessary.. http://clinicforpet.blogspot.com/2016/12/why-spaying-and-neutering-is-necessary.html

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