Happy 11th birfday Bandit

My baby girl turned 11 yesterday. Sorry I'm a day late in posting!!!!

I got her from a BYB when she was 8 weeks to the day.

She's grown in to a 30 lb ragamuffin who would loves to be outside in the rain, her favorite place is the Cedar river, she is STILL destructive indoors and I'm pretty sure that if she were human, she'd be the man in the relationship!!!!

I got her a Birthday fast food cheeseburger last night on my way home from work. I tore it into pieces. Gave a piece to Hunter, my BRAT boy, and a piece to Bandit. Hunter didn't even taste his chunk. Bandit looked at me and spit it on the floor!!!! She looked at me like "I know why you don't eat this stuff but, really, for my birthday!!!!!". She finally ate up, after Hunter offered to eat hers for her!!!

Love my girl and here's hoping to 5 more years together!

Happy Birthday Bandit and wishing you many more, how cute they are as puppies, funny how we wish they were small again how fast we forget everything that goes with puppies - toilet training, nipping, chewing etc. I love the oldies, just something about them.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Happy Birthday Bandit, and many more. I love the "innocent" sleeping picture. They all look so angelic when they're asleep. 🙂

Happy birthday! And really, start listening to her good food advice, broil her a chicken next year! 🙂

Happy birthday! I hope you get many more..the years pass too quick..hope the birthdays continue to be special

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