• Here are the boys this morning. For those who havent met my guys, Caesar is the red 5yr old and Cairo is 4 months. Cairo has really grown a lot.

    Cairo has a very sweet soft personality, very rolley poley. Caesar is a muscle always ready to spring into action.

    They were hanging out with me this morning while I was drinking my morning coffee before work.

  • WOW Cairo has really grown up fast!!! It's incredible and they are both so adorable 🙂

  • Ther are really adorable both brothers. I love the pics, thanks for sharing

  • Cairo has gone to the dog park twice now to meet the pack of basenjis. There are about 8-12 basenjis on average and they have quite a pack dynamic. The first time he went he was greeted by all and scared. He wagged his tail the entire time and wanted to sit in my lap not venturing far off.

    The second time we went the male and female pack leaders began to show him his place within the pack. He got a strong snarfy incident with the lead female when he was trying to play with her and didnt understand her disintrest. Same with the male who was posting and watching the group. This time he recognized the basenjis from the first meet and ran around more.

    What is great is that he listens to me at the park and understands not to stray from me as well as Caesar watching his back. He doesnt run off with the boys when they do their crazy pack runs, but watches with perplexity.

    There have been scary moments, but I have gone to the dog park with Beta and Caesar every weekend for the last 5 years and know what to expect. They are in the large dog park with the giant greyhounds, rotties, shepards and everyone. The basenji pack is a dominant force at the park. And, always fun to watch!!

  • Great pictures Mantis, they look like buds to be sure. Good to see! Thanks for sharing!:)

  • Mantis - they look wonderful together. I'm so glad that Caesar has a new buddy. He looks so content and happy with Cairo. These are wonderful pictures. How nice that camera was handy. I like the 1st & 3rd pics best. Cairo is soooo cute! Usually when I turn my camera on - my two stop what they were doing and the kodak moment gone! Glad they're getting along so good. Keep posting the pics.

  • What beautiful pictures, Mantis! I can't believe how big Cairo is already! Such handsome little men you have there!

  • They are handsome boys, I am glad they are getting along with each other!:D

  • Great pictures…they both look so happy!

  • WOnderful pictures, and boy he sure has grown hasn't he

  • Great pix of your boys…they both look sooooo sweet...you must be a very proud mom...

  • those were from my camera phone…..

    Well this weekend was Cairo's 4th experience at a dog park. He had lots of fun, tail wagging, still barking....and has begun to try to hump every dog in the park! I caught him trying to hump Caesar that morning and thought, boy he is an earlier bloomer than Caesar. He was trying to hump boys and girls. This is my dog park sign that tells me it is time to not socalize him until he is fixed.

    He play humped from 8-11weeks and stopped. He has finished his second round of teething and now is happy too often to go to the parks. I fixed Caesar at 7 months exactly, but Cairo seems into his manliness now. He will be 5 months on the 15th. He also has sprouted legs again this week.....

    Taller now than in these pics above!!

    Lots of machismo in that one! LOL....

  • That must be amazing to watch so many basenjis play and run. That's great. I've had about 8 basenjis in my backyard and once they get running, it's such a great sight to see. You're two are precious looking!

  • Typically (and I know that I am "using" that word") humping is "usually" NOT sexual it is dominance… that is why you see it in both sexes. You should be aware that fixing may not solve the problem... (but it will certainly help).... and you will find many spayed/neutered dogs that still hump... and neutered males that still are successful with a tie (known as "safe sex")
    My girls when they were still in-tact would have a "humping" train when they were all in season.. and it was totally a dominate action....

  • wonderful photos! I enjoyed your story of the dog park. Do the basenjis naturally gather together? How do they know they belong in a pack, and do other dogs try to join in?

  • Sometimes Basenjis "will" pack with each other… some times not... and it is interesting that at times you might have pretty much "mortal" dislikes between Basenjis "until" there is a pack situation...
    A couple of years ago, Lisa and Sam, our friend Jeff, and I were at shows in Southern California. We all took off for the beach after showing one day... I had a dog and bitch, Jeff had a bitch, Sam and Lisa had a dog and bitch... Now none of these really got along with each other, other then typically the male/female connections.... but as we went walking on the beach.. as they all saw more and more "strange" dogs, they more they on their own started to band together... it was pretty interesting to watch.. and if a strange dog start to them, they stood fast, all for one and one for all.... however, once we left the beach.. they were back to the snarking at each other...

  • We are the lone Basenji at the park and have been the 2 years we have been there. I can't imagine there being another one. I don't think Dash is ready to give up his throne yet. And he is a humper. It's embarassing a little but, the dogs work it out ok.

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