• So i am very curious. I have been reading up on possible color inheritance. I understand that: Y is red. y is Tri K is black. k is neither black nor brindle. K^br is brindle. D is non dilute. d is dilute. Its my understanding that YY is Red. Yy is tri carrier. and yy is Tri colored.

    I have a bitch who is red in color. Her mother was red. father was black. she had 7 puppies, 1 tri and 6 all black. Father of puppies was black. Would you say that her genetic makeup would be: DDkkYy?

    I also had a bitch who is red in color. Her mother was Red, Father is Tri. She had 4 puppies all brindle. Father of the puppies was brindle. What would her genetic makeup be?

    How would i be able to determine what they are and how do I know for sure? And when you do matings, how can you be sure what your going to get as far as color goes (now i know its not important, i really dont care what colors i get as long as they are confirmationally correct etc, i am just really curious how colors work) Do you have to breed them to find out what they are genetically or can you tell by another way?

    just very interested in coloring and how it goes about playing in their genetic makeups. Thanks! I hope I can get some extra help from all you experienced breeders.

  • I haven't studied coat colour inheritance in dogs, but from what I know of it in horses, you can tell quite a lot by looking at sire and dam and grandparents. Sometimes you can rule certain colours in or out, and determine probabilities of the colours you will get in a mating. Someone who knows more about dog colour genetics will be of more help. If an animal is homozygous for a trait, or heterozygous can sometimes be determined by knowing the colour of the parents…..

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