• Hello,
    Lately Nilo's coat is showing something different, his coat is generally really shiny and healthy but since the shedding season started (down here in FL the hot season has shown up already), he is developing these little scalps on his coat that I do not know how to call and I wonder if it is caused by a lack of vitamins, nutrients…the only thing that comes to my mind is that he changed his diet a month ago, I give him Wellness Simple Food Solution (1protein+1 carbohidrate), he used to have the Salmon+Rice formula until last month that we changed into the same product but the Duck+Rice variety instead. Could it be a lack of Fatty Acids since salmon contains Omegas?

    I am attaching a couple of pictures so you can see exactly what I mean.

    Thank you!

  • The best way to check if its the food is to go back to feeding the one you gave him before.

    This looks as though it could be an allergy problem. Does he itch? and are the patches all over his body?

  • At the beginning there were a couple of little spots, this was about three weeks ago, I thought that they could have been the result of playing at the dog park so I just put a little bit of aloe vera on them, but then they started to show on different spots and not only on the black but on the white coat as well. I do not see him scratching himself on those spots but what I notice is that is getting dandruff, it is like his coat is going through something and all that comes to my mind is the food, I do not know.

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