Mouthing problem with my boy Khalani

  • Khalani has a habit of mouthing. He never bites hard but he does do it often. It's strange, but he never ever does it to people he meets in the street.
    I discipline him immediately when he does it by either putting him in his crate for a time out and/or I cover his muzzle and tell him NO but he continues to do it regardless.
    Does anyone have any suggestions that have worked for them?

  • Update: we give them a rawhide chew (a 10" roll) every day for about 15 minutes. They need the chewing action very much and it keeps their teeth healthy.

    I'm not an expert, but with our Lela we gave her toys and stuff to chew on, and just kept on correcting the bad stuff and noticed that over time it stopped. Beware though, that there is a puppy phase where the pup doesn't bite to play but to check if you really are the pack leader - you'll notice the difference immediately - it is not play. This is behaviour that needs to be corrected immediately and very, very clearly. Lela got it after a few times and then it was over.

  • Khalani is only 18 months old, so I hope if I keep consistent he may grow out of it. I was hoping someone might suggest something I haven't thought of. I will try what kjdonkers suggested and find a toy he loves and substitute that when he decides to have a nibble.

  • To those of you that are having problems with mouthing, holding the muzzle is not a good solution. Substitute a toy for your "body parts" or totally ignore the pup and the minute that the pup settles down, praise.

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