• Every now and then my 1 year old basenji will go poop in his crate. This happens even if I have just taken him out to potty. Its a plastic crate so it not hard to clean up. Anyone else have this issue. I did try to block the back of the crate but he just pulled down what I had there.

  • A couple of questions. Does this happen after he actually has had a poop while outside, or when he has come back in without going? Is he upset when he is crated? Is the poop normal and firm, or is it loose (which might indicate anxiety). Does he do it while you are home or after you have gone out and left him alone?

  • it happens even when he has gone outside, he is upset when crated he seems to have a but of separation anxiety when i leave. Poop is usually normal and firm but he likes to finger paint it inside the crate sometimes. He has never done it when Im home its when I leave him alone and go to work. He was doing good for a few weeks with no accidents and now he is having them off and on. I give him lots of praise when I come back and the crate is clean. It got better when I moved his crate from the bedroom to the laundry/mud room. Oddly it was better until I lost a family member and close friend and have been feeling kind of down myself. I dont know if he is reacting to that because he can sense that "mom" isnt feeling good. All I know is that he is really bonded to me (he picked me). He is okay with my brother and boyfriend but once im home he could careless about anyone else.
    I hate to have to get the "puppy" crate back out.

  • It does sound like separation anxiety. That can be difficult to deal with. Make sure he has something to keep him occupied when you are leaving. A toy or a stuffed kong or some such thing. And when you come home, don't make a big fuss of him, just be low key even if he is exited to see you. Yes, they will sense your mood and react when you are stressed, so that could be part of the picture. Good luck.

  • thank you for the ideas. I will have to try the toy thing- he does love his "nana - nana" ( banana shaped toy). I will try the keeping it low key too.

  • Make sure the toy isn't easy to destroy. A separation anxiety dog may chew up something in a crate that he wouldn't normally. I have had two boys that had the problem and would destroy any bedding left in the crate. I had to bed them on newspaper, which was shredded when I returned! Luckily in both cases they graduated to being loose in the house and with the help of a toy (a treat dispensing roller ball) I managed to get them past the separation issues.

  • I plan on using a Kong and stuff it with peanut butter ��. Most of his other toys I would worry he would shred. I have put paper in there and have also come home to basenji confetti.

  • I mix cream cheese or yogurt with kibble and stuff that in the kong. then freeze it overnight. (just another idea)

  • At 1 yr old, I don't consider B's 100% reliably housebroken–there's still a lot of things that can cause accidents: rain or wet grass; the lingering odour of a predator in the area; an upset in routine; travel; food changes etc. My dogs have always been confused by seasonal changes for their first few years--they just get accustomed to pottying on grass in daylight, then overnight it's snow and short days! While I've never found B's to be especially empathetic, it's possible the change in routine or your divided attention caused by the death in your family could affect your dog.

    One thing that's always worked for me is what I call a "Bran Bomb": a small amount of very high fibre cereal softened in plenty of water fed just b4 breakfast. It increases the urge to eliminate. It's helped me get a number of fosters on elimination schedules. Just pick a brand low in sugar and with no articicial sweeteners, which are toxic for dogs.

    Also, patience is key--many of us are focused on getting to work in the morning, yet some dogs--depending on food--require two bowel movements in the morning.

  • @ Yodelma
    2 bowel movements in morning? Other than young puppies, in my 58 yrs of life and dog ownership, have never had a dog who had to poop twice in the morning (or at night). I use dissolving fiber instead of cereal as so many dogs have allergies to some cereals, but I am so worn with Cara over "OH MY G-D THE GROUND IS WET I"LL HOLD TIL I EXPLODE" mentality.. I will give that a try. Any brand you have found that is more palatable?

  • Oakley is super regimented and if he misses one of his three bowel movements in the day then the next morning he goes twice in a row to make up for it. EVERY TIME- dogs like clock work! Lol

  • Perry is normally a two poop a day boy, but on occasion he will skip the second poop. Next morning he will often make up for it by having a two poop walk. Of course, if there is an emotional upset of any kind, it may increase the rate (and consistency!) of defecation. An exciting walk in the woods used to result in liquid output by the end of a walk for my previous boy, Sunny. (and for one of my horses!)

  • Yesterday it was three poops on the morning walk 🙂

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