The Boys are sooooooo sweet

Since I'm pregnant (almost 13 weeks) the dogs react very sweet…

In the beginning, Buana was the only one who became more cuddling and depending but since a few weeks all three are so sweet to me..

The B's always want to be next to me and lie their head on my belly (excactly were the baby lies)
They seem to feel or hear the baby's heartbeath or movement and want to be close.
They're less naughy to me 🆒 and much more attached to me. (They already were very attached but now.. woooowwww)

They make me so happy when I get a moodswing :rolleyes:
The look at me so cute, if they want to say "o mommy.... you're sweet, when comes our little brother/sister" hihihi

I love them.... the're the best kids ever.. 😃
I think they like us to know they maybe accept the baby?

that is so sweet of them

Awww…congrats on the pregnancy 🙂 My Bs never gave me any special treatment during MY pregnancies! Count yourself lucky 🙂

Congratulations! I had my B's near a pregnant friend once and Tayda was all over her! She is normally aloof with strangers but she was all over my pregnant friend…

My dogs were very "clingy" when I was pregnant & the same with Tayda when she stayed with us one weekend. 🙂

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