Looking for advice on . . .

what kind of skateboard to buy for Zest!.

At our last freestyle obedience class, the instructor brought a skateboard. Zest! loved it. She went up to it and put one foot on it and then I blinked and 3 feet were on it. Did not want to let the other dog have his turn at it, so I had to pick her up and bodily remove her from "her" new toy. So, now I'm looking for a skateboard. But, alas, I know nothing about these things. Granted, cheaper is better and we will have to go into "town" to use it. (We live on a gravel road with a gravel driveway and the kitchen is not big enough.) I don't think they make special skateboards for dogs, do they? Do they make color-your-own boards? She'd like something sparkly in pink/purple/gold with her name or pawprints or ???

You go, Zest! How fun!

You can probably find a Girl skateboard (complete) with a 7.75" or 8" deck for around $50 or $60 on Amazon. For a better selection, check www.girlskateboards.com. That's a good beginner board– maybe more than you want to spend for your new B-boarder?

But when she gets really good-- or if you feel like indulging a budding talent-- you can build a personalized princess board with bling-bling and pink wheels:


Don't suppose she'd go for a pink sparkly tiara helmet?

thanks, but yes, that's a bit more than i wanted to spend. at least until we find out if she really likes this new interest or if it is just a passing fancy. you know how kids are. i stopped by goodwill on the way home, but all they had was one without wheels, which seems to sort of miss the point. I can buy a cheaper board without wheels at Lowe's.

if you see a sparkly pink tiara helmet that would fit a basenji, please let me know.

I would think at this stage the best strategy would be to borrow or "rent" one. Do you have any kids in the area that might be willing to loan their board in exchange for watching your girl learn something new? Or perhaps canvas your fellow agility competitors, 🙂

You can also make a beginner board with a piece of plywood and cheap storebought wheels. I had a neighbor who cut a piece of plywood into a bone shape and put wheels on it for his dog. You could paint it pink and purple, decorate with a glitter pen, stickers, you name it! That would run you $20 or so, if you can't find something on eBay. The shipping costs might get you there, though. Hope you find something cute!

How is Zest's skateboarding going? And we'd love to see pics. 🙂

Thanks for asking! I did manage to find a 'board at goodwill a few weeks ago. I think it was about $4, so I brought it home. Unfortunately, we havent' done much with it. We have just a small space to practice and we had some weird weather. so we've only had one or two practice sessions. BUT, I did find a press on light at the dollar store. (a light that you press to turn on/off) And that was a big hit! We can play with that inside. Zest! thought it a lot of fun, but tended to think it needed to be scooted around the kitchen like a hockey puck! (Hmmm, maybe i need to find a hockey puck)

Is that a common thing with basenjis that they put their foot on something and scoot it around the place, Kaiser does that a lot. We have wooden floors so they are perfect for scooting.

Jolanda and Kaiser

LOL, Cara too. I throw soda boxes on the floor and she jumps on them then uses as a way to push and slide around the floor.

Oakley too..he likes pasta boxes and treat bags…scoot around like a skateboard!

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