Litter box training advice

I recently got my basenji an indoor dog potty from She is 7 years old & has fanconi, so she pees a lot now & I imagine it could even increase in the future. Also, she hates snow & rain (big surprise there), so with winter coming up I wanted to work on an indoor option for her. She does have a doggie door, but when I am not home I believe she rarely goes any farther out than the deck.

I am wondering if anyone here can offer any tips on how to get Cleo to use the indoor potty. I expect it to be a bit of a challenge considering she has been effectively house trained for almost seven years. I have tried collecting a specimen & putting it in there & she will smell it but when I tell her to "go potty" she looks at me like I'm crazy & then starts running for the back door. Any advice that anyone can offer would be appreciated!!


Nature's Miracle makes grass scented pee pads don't know if it will help. I know they do help puppies to get the idea that they should go on grass so maybe they would work in reverse.

that sounds like it would be worth a try, I will look into those. Thanks!

And you might want to try putting it outside and try getting her to go on it there and then try moving in inside….

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