• Has anyone had any experience with training Basenjis to use a litter box?

  • I used one with my b, Liyah from when she came home at 11 weeks until she was around 5 months. I had an expen setup with her crate and a litterbox while I was at work. I stopped using the litterbox when she no longer used it - she never pooped in it, only pee'd. I never had a litterbox downstairs as she just followed the lead of my 2 older b's and went outside. She was super easy to crate train and housebreak.

    How old is your pup? I see you are in VT (and have a b&w) - you aren't Bear's mom or dad are you?

  • I most certainly am Bears dad. He has done a great job training me so far, follows me every where I go, he's a real little buddy. He loves his long walk every morning at 6am, I am a little worried how he will handle the cold and snow, we get a ton of it.

    I was thinking a litter box might be an alternative when we get those sub zero mornings, but at his age it may be a little late to try to train him to use it.

  • Very cool - welcome to the forum! I love Bear - what a sweet boy, congrats!!! Sounds like he is working out well.

    I think he will do fine with the cold & snow. I live in Maine - and we had a ton of snow last year - my 4 were fine with it. When Liyah came here at 11 weeks, she loved to bound around in the snow. In fact, the older b's would be ready to come in an lie by the fire and they would run off the steps of the deck to nudge her along and get her to come in. That said, they all love to run around in the snow, but I don't leave them long if it is below freezing. Oh, and basenjis LOVE woodstoves and fireplaces - mine have their dog beds right in front ours in the winter and rarely leave. :D:D

    One thing I do if we get over 6 inches of snow is we have a small snowblower (that friends of mine gave me) and I use it to snowblow out the dog's pen. That way, when we get sunny days the ground in the pen begins to show.

    If it has recently snowed, I don't walk mine on the road since they use salt and it bothers their paws. Mine hate coats and booties so I don't use them - but I do use Musher's Secret on their paws. Usually I only walk them around the yard and let them run on their own in the pen - just long enough to take care of their business and then they want back in by the fire.

  • I live in the "upsloap", so we an expect to have snow well over his head, I have a small run that I used for my coonhound, it should be big enough for Bear.

    Just had a wood stove put in, I expect he will pick his spot, carry all his toys over to it and not move very much.

  • Oh and if it's not the woodstove they are going after its lying on the heat register once it kicks in. Bear will do fine in the winter. I live in Alberta, we get a ton of snow and really cold. They go out do their thing then come back in to the wood stove!

  • When I lived a bit further north, my 2nd Basenji and I used to go cross country skiing. My current boy wouldn't last ten minutes in the cold that girl could handle! When we came back home she would head straight for the wood stove. When I damped it down for the night, she would practically crawl underneath it! Of course, at bedtime she was cuddled up in our bed with us. ūüôā I have never used a litter box, but there have been times when I wished I had trained for that. Boots do the trick when the weather is extreme.

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